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Following VitaCID and the official Vitamin_v1.0.vpk release, today PS Vita developer SMOKE made available a PSID_Dumper for the PlayStation Vita handheld console. (y)

Download: / GIT

Many PlayStation 3 sceners may recall similar PS3 applications including PSIDPatch, PS3 IDPS Viewer, PS3 IDPS Changer, PS3 IDPStealer and PSID Generator as well.

From SMOKE5 via the ReadMe: PSID_Dumper

Tool to dump a users PSID as well as an example for testing users PSID to ensure its running on the console you want it to

I hope homebrew developers will use this system when using testers on sensitive projects. This will help prevent leaks.

PSID_Dumper by SMOKE for PS Vita.jpg


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