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Last year I've worked on a workaround solution to provide Android users the possibility to use their smartphone as Dualshock gamepad or remote access tool for their PS4.

Only drawback is that you have to establish the connection over your Windows PC (at least Windows 8.1 is required) and the official PS4 Remote Play program and the PSJoy server must be installed on the system.

The solution is far away from ideal but if you have a stable Internet connection it should work without any problems. You can find below some demonstration videos

Demonstration videos:

PSJoy - PS4 Remote Play Spy (Requires Windows 8.1 or newer)
PSJoy Setup - How to use your Android smartphone as Dualshock gamepad for your PS4
Play PS4 Games on any Android - Remote Play 2018 with PSJoy (NO root)
The app is called PSJoy and is available for all Android devices with Android 5.0 or newer. The app will be available for free between October 22 and 28, 2018. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, feedback is desired. :)

Btw, if delroth decides to finish his open source project I will definitely build an Android version. As he is currently working on other projects no one should put him under pressure as it is anyway his decisions if he wants to continue his work or not. But without his knowledge in reverse engineering I doubt anyone will be able to build an Android version soon.

PSJoy PS4 Remote Play for PC and Android Devices by Grill2010.jpg



PSJoy works in combination with the PSJoy server on your Windows PC. The PSJoy server forwards your inputs to the official PS4 Remote Play program. Furthermore, the PSJoy server is able to stream the content from the Remote Play program to your smartphone. As long as you can connect the official PS4 Remote Play program from Sony to your PS4 system it will work.

I suggest to just watch the videos above for more information. Hope it is a bit clearer now, please be aware that the PSJoy app alone is not able to connect directly to your PS4. If you have some more questions feel free to ask.


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what's the benefit of using this over the original ps remote play though? i'm not hating the app or the dev's hard work. but i'm just curious to know the true benefits of this software. from my understanding it's not gonna work on jailbroken systems. maybe it's just for the remapable controller tools?


As I said it is far away from ideal. The main purpose of PSJoy was and is to be able to use your smartphone as Dualshock gamepad. Which is perfect for playing multiplayer games when you just have one controller available. During the development I decided to add a remote play feature too. I'm sorry that PSJoy is not suitable for your requirements.

If there will be ever the possibility to develop a pure remote play clone I will for sure implement one. But at the moment it is not that easy.
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