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Following their recent X-Project Updates, at the request of sdragon001 PlayStation 4 developers @DEFAULTDNB (aka KiiWii - Twitter) and @Leeful (Twitter) made available Pure HEN which is a child friendly, safe and easy to use super lightweight PS4 5.05 HEN loader.

Download: PURE HEN (8.26 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated

According to the Tweets below, Pure Homebrew ENabler is essentially a one-shot PS4 HEN 1.8 + VR (spoof for VR headset) exploit loader that automatically caches! :love:

Kid version Hen 1.8 Vr autopay load via UnknownGamer

From the PureHEN video's description: Kid friendly version of an auto detect FW. Boot console, auto loads kids account, navigate to www. Auto loads hen 1.8 vr payload, caches. Plain simple, easy. No messy selecting or navigating through menus to launch HEN, kid proof, no hassle.

Credit: KiiWii (DefaultDNB)

This amazing individual took an idea and made a simple easy to use for kids and the none technically inclined, you can leave your house go to work and its ok for the kids to turn on and play. Safe and easy.

Pure HEN Child Friendly Loader by DefaultDNB (KiiWii) and Leeful.jpg



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Tested using 3 accounts.
  • Activate exploit on one account then switch to another account the exploit still works.
  • Logging out of account i activated the exploit then loading other account exploit still works.
  • Putting the PS4 into standby (8hrs) then resuming the exploit still works (damn it) haha
Ive had 3 out of memory and zero kernel panics so far in 10-15 restarts while testing.


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Been out of the game lately, just got me a ESP device and flashing X-Project to it.

Question is, anyone have a guide on how I can use this instead on my ESP? Id like the idea of just loading and Im away.


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@dyceast as I said on page 2:

download the zip, extract the folder to pc, make sure pc and PS4 are on the same network, run @Leeful's host server exe on pc, enter the browser address shown into the PS4 browser including “index.html” at the end, and bingo done.

It caches and auto runs hen, as seen in the video.

Note: allow exception for firewall, make sure nothing is running on port 80, run as admin if you need to.

Via @Leeful : If you wanted to cache both X-Project and the kid friendly hen you could do this:

1. Rename the index.html to hen.html in the kid friendly hen.
2. Open the kid friendly hen index.cache in notepad and change index.html to hen.html

Now Xproject will be at: and kid friendly hen would be at
(obviously the IP address part would be your IP address)

@barelynotlegal this would be a solution :)


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@dyceast sorry I misread your question. It’s not for ESP. You could use the existing 1.5.5, ftp in, swap a payload you don’t use like say: hen1.6, to be pure hen and upload the manifest to the payloads folder too.
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