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A few years back a Simple Shooting Gallery Game sample PKG for PS4 TestKit owners surfaced, and recently ThatGuyNamedJoey reported a curious PXG4: PS4 Full Game Standard Disc Game Test 4 (Prod) listing for Whale Whale Whale: What Do We Have Here? (80.22 MB) by WILD SWANS on PlayStation Store (Cached Page) at $0.49 that appears to be a Sony marketing tool used for early server development and integration testing with PS4 / PS5 titles based on the description. o_O

Elusive like the PS4 IDU (Interface Demonstration Unit) Utility, ThatGuyNamedJoey shared this image for reference with poklane pointing out the comical CUSA24837 background. šŸ¤Ŗ

Needless to say, the mysterious application has since been removed leaving only an "Unable to Find This Page: It may be unavailable or the address may be incorrect. Select [Home] to continue browsing the PlayStation Store." default error template in its place. šŸ™ƒ

However, before it was taken down YaboyPS5 (aka Minecraft, FNAF, AndMore on YouTube) had the foresight to capture a demo video of it in action below! (PS4_and_PS5_store.mp4 - 82.93 MB mirror in case $ony removes the YouTube demo) :sneaky:

PS4 and PS5 store????

I found this on the PlayStation store on August 24 2020 its called "PXG4: PS4 Full Game Standard Disk Game Test 4 (Prod)"

If anyone knows more about this odd and short-lived PlayStation Store title feel free to share further details in the comments below.
PXG4 PS4 Full Game Standard Disc Game Test 4 Removed from PS Store.jpg


its me

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I searched online and found a video about this by CoryG89 6 years old only access blocked: SCE NP COMMERCE SAMPLE
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