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Since his DDS Converter for PS4 Themes PlayStation 4 developer @Backporter returns this weekend via Twitter with a Random Content ID (CID) Generator that will generate a random Content ID for PS4 PKG games, homebrew and themes. 🔥

Download: Random-Content-ID / GIT

He has a Discord Official PS4 Server for related discussion plus support, and from the Random-Content-ID

This will generate a random content ID, manly useful for the PS4.

This will generate a random Content-ID for games/homebrew/themes.



A: Open it, press generate and copy the content ID into orbis-pub-sfo.exe add the name of the application in title text then save the sfo in sce_sys than open orbis-pub-gen.exe add it to the content ID under settings and done.

Q: Will this work on 7.xx

A: No

Q: Why is this useful?

A: It could reduce the time of creating your own, or it could make it where you don't end up using one used by someone else.
Random Content ID (CID) Generator for PS4 PKG Files by Backporter.jpg
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Helpful. I'd still like to see improvements on the homebrew community. Like a good ps2 emulator, an official retroarch porting and tons of useful applications.


Good. But one question.. If you have a fpkg, with this is possible to convert in official into jailbreak console?

I have many official game on my jailbreak console is beautiful if possible to convert in official fpkg, homebrew etc.
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