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Earlier this week SanDisk announced that their new 1TB SanDisk Extreme MicroSD UHS-I Card will be available in April 2019 for $449.99 with an online form to reserve one now for those with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device that supports the massive storage capacity! :love:

Competitor Micron also announced this week their c200 1TB MicroSD card will be available in Q2 2019, although they haven't confirmed exact pricing just yet. :unsure:

Back in January at CES 2019 manufacturer Lexar unveiled their 1TB Lexar Professional 633x SDXC UHS-I card which is available now for an MSRP of $499.99.

Personally I'll be going with the SanDisk when I get a mobile device that supports it, as my current smartphone has a limitation of only 128GB on the MicroSD card external storage capacity.

For those who missed it, this will be the culmination of my quest which started with KODI, migrated (briefly) to Mobdro and currently resides with utilizing Free Online Streaming Sites to grab my favorite movies and TV shows to watch without a WiFi connection, without paying for services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu and without carrying around a Western Digital EasyStore or Passport... minimalism FTW! :LOL:

SanDisk Extreme MicroSD UHS-I 1TB Card Coming in April for $450.png



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wow 15yrs from now we're gonna look at that price and just laugh.
I think in 2002 I bought an external 250GB WD hdd , which at the time these only came with the large 3.5" drives in them so it was big. It was like $90 on sale and it was a great deal as good 250GB external hdd's were normally like $115-$130 range (or more if you wanted to pay that)

Now a good brand new 256GB micro SD card is like $40-$50 and that I can buy good branded NEW 4TB externals for $70-$80 on ebay or amazon... and I'm sure that there's even better deals than all that above every once in a while, is just crazy. How far tech has come along.

Its only a matter of time when all pc's will run off of a micro SD card (which technically they can now) but when 2.5 hdd/ssd drives become totally obsolete.


@brenry -- Could you get your money back via warranty or consumer rights?

I'm liking the look of these cheap 1tb SSD drives.. In UK there's the pioneer and Samsung 860 evo for £100 (UK is expensive buying tech so that's v good), and an upgraded Samsung at £130 using a 78 gigabyte buffer.

This sam vnand drive has greater write endurance.. 8 fold in fact, compared to 850 evo. Around 2400 terabytes written according to the blurb (relavent to those of us who thrash drives ;))
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