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Following the PS4SaveEditor Leak, Cyber Save Editor 4.50 Bypass, news of the Xploder PS4 Cheats System and PS4 Save Wizard initial announcement, today @harryoke passed along word on Twitter that the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is incoming and allows the editing of PS4 Game Saves from all regions (USA / Europe / Pacific Asia) except for Japan according to the official site :shudders:

Download: Save Wizard For PS4 MAX (2.11 MB) / Save Wizard for PS4 MAX Source Unfixed.rar (1.92 MB) via maris / SWPS4MAX Source Code Fixed.rar / Game Support Suggestions / (includes PS4CRYPTOR.cs and PS4USB.cs by k3dt (shellTeMP) / SWPS4

Before getting too excited, be aware this isn't a open source project so be prepared to cough up $49.99 / €47.99 for a 24-month subscription to obtain a 'License Key' for the application that will inevitably be cracked / reverse-engineered by PS4 scene hackers for free at some point in the future. :angel:

To quote from their official site: Introducing the Save Wizard for PS4 MAX, the first and only save editor for PlayStation 4!

Giving you access to some of the most popular games for the PlayStation 4, Save Wizard for PS4 MAX allows you to cheat on YOUR save allowing never before seen amounts of money, max ammo, character stats and more!

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is a TRUE SAVE EDITOR allowing you to cheat on YOUR saves. These are not pre-made, unchecked poor quality saves with alleged "cheats" uploaded by others. These are in-house produced and tested cheats which you can apply to YOUR save at any point and at any time. Using our custom technology, we can help you beat the game or breath new life into a forgotten classic.

Optimised to work with your PlayStation 4 without the need to do illegal modifications, Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is an easy-to-use program. All you need is a PlayStation 4 with the "Copy to USB Storage Device" function enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this), a computer running Windows 7 or higher with internet connection and any compatible USB drive (not supplied).

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX supports all regions apart from Japan. Although we try our very best to obtain all the various regions of the same game, sometimes this is not possible. However, if a game is shown as supported but not recognised, please contact us.

How does it work?

Save Wizard for PS4 MAX is so easy to use. Simply copy your save from your PlayStation 4 to any compatible USB drive and insert into your PC. Once Save Wizard for PS4 MAX has detected all supported saves, simply choose and apply the cheats. Copy your save from the USB drive to your PlayStation 4 and load your game!

What games and cheats are currently supported?

The following is a list of all supported games and cheats currently included in Save Wizard for PS4 MAX. Don't forget, this list is updated as we add more games and cheats!
  • Includes real cheats, not pre-made, unchecked poor quality user submitted saves.
  • Automatically downloads the latest cheats and supported games.
  • Quick Mode allows cheats to be simply and quickly applied to your save.
  • Advanced Mode to modify your own save.
  • Automatically backs up your save before performing modifications.
  • Allows up to 4 PSN IDs to be registered and 2 clients to be activated at any one time (for more information, click here).
  • 24 month subscription.
  • Free support.
  • Free updates.
  • A computer running a 32bit or 64bit version of one of the following: Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • "Copy to USB Storage Device" must be enabled (a PlayStation Network account may be required to activate this).
  • Any USB drive (not supplied) that is compatible with both your PlayStation 4 and computer.
  • Internet connection.
  • PlayStation 4 running 4.50 or below and supported games!
We recommend that automatic updates to the PlayStation 4 and/or games are turned off as these could cause compatibility problems with this product.

Manual - Quick Start Guide

IMPORTANT! Occasionally updates to the PlayStation 4 and/or games may cause Save Wizard to lose functionality. We strongly suggest that automatic updating of the PlayStation 4 and games are turned off.


To register a new PSN ID with Save Wizard, simply start by copying a supoported save from the PlayStation 4 to a USB drive and then inserting it into the computer. Next:

1) Run Save Wizard.
2) After a few moments, Save Wizard should show the supported save in grey.
3) Double click the game name, right click on the save shown below and click REGISTER PROFILE.
4) Put in a suitable name (this can be the same as your PSN account or anything you like as long as you know which saves are linked to which PSN account.
5) Click APPLY and Save Wizard will refresh and show the name given next to any saves which match that PSN ID.


To apply cheats to your save, simply start by copying your save from the PlayStation 4 to a USB drive and then inserting it into the computer.

With Save Wizard loaded, all supported saves will be displayed. Double click with the left button on the particular game you wish to cheat on and all the saves will be shown below. Double click your save (or right-click and select QUICK MODE) and a list of cheats will be shown. Select the cheats you wish to use and then click APPLY. Save Wizard will now modify your save and replace your existing save on the USB drive with the modified version.

Finally, copy back to the PlayStation 4, load your game and the modified save and enjoy!

Save Wizard for PS4 Save Editor FAQ:

Q. Can I buy it from a store?
A. Save Wizard can only be purchased through

Q. How does it work?
A. Save Wizard requires saves to be copied from you PlayStaton 4 to any compatible USB drive. Once the USB drive is inserted, Save Wizard will automatically detect and show supported saves allowing you to apply the cheats. Once this is done, simply remove the USB drive from the computer and insert into your PlayStation 4, remembering to copy the save and load your game.

Q. Which region games will Save Wizard work with?
A. Save Wizard works with games purchased in the USA, Europe and Pacific Asian games. Japanese saves are exclusively handled by CyberGADGET.

Q. My save isn't recognised!
A. This could be for a number of reasons. The first thing to check is that the game is actually supported, eg A Boy And His Blob. If the game is supported, but not showing, please see HERE!

Q. These are just someone else's saves, right?
A. Wrong! Unlike another product which claims to contain cheats, we do not substitute your save with a third-party untested save. These are real cheats applied to your save which means you continue where you left off but with a Save Wizard advantage!

Q. Why are saves so slow to transfer?
A. A number of factors can cause the transfer of saves to be slow. Your own internet connection will have a top speed for upload and download. The internet isn't perfect and doesn't always take the best route between the client and our server. These things are beyond our control. Where possible however, we will try and fix or improve anything we can in order to speed things up.

Q. Can I use this to obtain trophies?
A. Save Wizard is designed for assisting the player, and not for for obtaining trophies.

Q. Can I cheat online?
A. Save Wizard is produced for cheating on offline saves only. We do not condone cheating online and any attempts to use Save Wizard for this purpose and any resulting bans etc will be your responsibility.

Q. Can I re-sign saves so that my saves can be used by others?
A. No, this feature is currently not supported.

Q. What is Quick Mode Only (QMO)?
A. This is specifically for saves which may contain information for online gaming. This allows us to create cheats which are still of benefit offline without them affecting online gaming. This also disables Advanced Mode which means the save cannot be manually edited.

Q. Why am I restricted to four PSN Accounts (PSN ID) at any time?
A. Sadly past experience has shown that while we try and be flexible, people will take advantage of our good nature for example, using our product as a paid for service. Save Wizard has taken several months of development and investment (think of the cost of games alone!) and even after a product has been sold, costs still continue as we seek to improve the product and support more games.

Q. Why can't I change a PSN Account associated with Save Wizard for 30 days?
A. This has been implemented due to abuse of our product. While we don't mind customers helping out a friend, we do object to people using our product as a service.

Q. I don't have Windows. Is it available on Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone etc?
A. Currently we only support Windows. Other platforms may be supported in the near future.

Q. Do I need to modify my PlayStation 4?
A. No modifications are made to the PlayStation 4.

Q. Will it void my PlayStation 4 warranty?
A. No, your warranty is safe.

Q. Is it illegal to modify my save?
A. No, it is not.

Q. Have you done this sort of product before?
A. Yes, between our team we have 30+ years of experience with cheat devices and were recently responsible for resurrecting Game Genie for the PlayStation 3...
Finally, from @GritNGrind in the PSXHAX Shoutbox comes the following details for those interested, to quote: I was able to dig up a few things on the Save Wizard, but nothing very helpful to get me much further anyways:
POST  Login: savewizard_1 : Wd2l#@vqjun)3K {"action":"ACTIVATE_LICENSE","license":"XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"} //JSON
Cheers to @Jeff in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news earlier today! :beer:
Save Wizard for PS4 MAX PlayStation 4 Game Save Editor Incoming.png



From the FAQ we can gather that this will have a dongle (or account) tied with their server decrypting/encrypting saves, so it's like the other one (and useless).


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Wow well i guess the cancer has spread first game companies were milking us for money now modders are hmm this make a lot of sense


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Thanks for sharing @maris <3 and yep it looks like it's based on the PS3 code plus in their FAQ is says "Save Wizard works with games purchased in the USA, Europe and Pacific Asian games. Japanese saves are exclusively handled by CyberGADGET."
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