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Following the addition of Facebook Commenting here at PSXHAX.COM, today we've implemented Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption thanks to a suggestion by @MrV1rus and one that @oVERSoLDiER has been requesting for quite some time now. :D

What does this mean?

For end-users, you'll now see a green lock icon (pictured below) and a https:// instead of the antiquated http:// in the URL address bar of pages on the site and forums here.

Also, according to the almighty Google, HTTPS is being used as a ranking signal so it's definitely the direction they are encouraging sites to gravitate towards.

Once again, if anyone else has any ideas for the site feel free to bounce them around with the Staff in our Feedback and Suggestions forum section. :tup:
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For those getting uses an unsupported protocol ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH here are a few ideas, specifically for @abzii but if anyone else has issues please use this thread to report them! ;)

Assuming you aren't using Windows XP (if so, let me know) here are a few things to try in Chrome:
  • Open chrome://flags
  • Look for "Minimum SSL/TLS version supported."
  • Choose SSLv3
  • Click on "Relaunch now" button (or restart the Chrome browser)
  • Open your https page again
  • You will be redirected to a "Your connection is not private" page. If you do not worry about this security issue click on the "Advanced" link.
  • Finally click on "Proceed to <your https page> (unsafe)"
There are a few other troubleshooting methods detailed here also:
I installed Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 m (64-bit) and don't get any errors when navigating to

Another thing to try (just to rule out specific Chrome settings) is to try visiting from another browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) and see if you still get the unsupported protocol ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error with them using the same PC or not.

Let me know your findings and we'll go from there :)


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hey thanks for the help. i cant reply back to the thread using the proxy ? but i tried everything nothing worked AND i am using winxp. maybe they did get rid of it for security reason because i can access it on my phone using chrome but not IE or chrome on pc


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Ok, I was 'warned' about WinXP compatibility when we installed the SSL cert.. I will do some research to see what options there are (short of upgrading the OS) for Windows XP users and reply back ;)

This article explains the Windows XP SSLv3 issue a bit:

Question: Do you have SP3 installed on XP, as it's supposed to allow access sites with SSLv3 disabled?

If not, you can download it from here:

Here is a test page for before and after installing SP3:

If you see a red 'warning' prompt then you don't have SP3 installed, and if you see a blue 'good news' prompt then you should be good to go... although Internet Explorer 6 (if that is what you're using) may still be the culprit but worth a try as Service Pack 3 is more secure anyway.
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