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Injected Red dead redemption goty ps3 freezes when press start,, any advice will be great, thanks

Mago Clow

How to re-play the games without using a pendrive?
Before you inject the games into the backup.
Do this in every game.
In the page of the exploit leave it thus:


This way the license goes inside the game itself

Jacob Wilson

I've been trying this for a week now with BO2 and have had no success. I've got the PS3_GAME folder, converted it using both PS3GAMECONVERTER, and downloaded the 2 updates for BO2.

I took the EBOOT.bin from the second (latest) update and transferred it to the USDIR of the converted game (NPUB31011). I then put all the files into their corresponding folders in TABS (backup in "backup", game folder in "game", and updates in "pkg"). After that finished, I restored my PS3 (which is the 4-usb hub version running OFW 4.81) with the injected backup.

When that finished, I saw both the game and the 2 updates over in the game section. I installed both patches in order, then transferred the LIC.EDAT using PS3Xploit (following the image on the first post on page 13 of this thread). When I boot the game, the first time I tried I got Error: 80010017 (this is because, I believe, on my first attempt I incorrectly transferred the LIC.EDAT).

But now, I consistently get the error: Please insert the disc to play. This is confusing to me because BO2 is apparently compatible with this method (according to the CFW2OFW Compatibility list on the psdevwiki)

What am I doing wrong!?

To answer any questions that may come up:
  • Yes I did clear all the contents of the browser before executing the ROP chain
  • No I will not jailbreak my PS3
  • My PS3 never has and never will connect to the Internet
  • I also tried using CFW2OFW to convert the game

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