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Since no one was posting a Specific way with images I decided to do this as I got this exploit running without any issues.

This was done on PS3 CECH3xxx OFW 4.81

Tools needed:
  • PS3 Game Disc
  • PC Blu-Ray DVD ROM Drive that can read PS3 Discs
  • PS3_Convert Program
  • PS3Tools_Menu Program
  • TrueAncestorBackup retailer
Links to tools: Found from around the board and internet.
  1. Game_Convert Program
  2. PS3Tools - A/V may detect a threat on this file.
  3. Support file for ps3tools Download link
  4. True Ancestor Backup Retailer 2.20 (TABR 2.30)
  5. PS3exploit
Updated Exploit:

I have collated the tools and uploaded them. Except for the updated exploit.


1: Your Game Disc contains the following folders. Copy the PS3 game folder to the PS3_Convert tool folder


2: Run Converter.BAT. This will open up a window and convert your game for injection. This takes some time.
Give it the name of the game folder with the help of the chart below.


Click "Enter" to start the conversion


3:Once the work is done. Your converted game is Semi-done. You will notice a new folder created by the name, "NPXX0000" (depends on the game title you are working with)


4: Copy the LIC.EDAT from the converted game folder "NPEB31437" to your USB FAT32 Flash Drive's ROOT.

5: Download the update. Use PS3Tools_menu by aldostools. Select CFW version 4.81 or the highest.


6: Extract the .pkg from the downloaded package using Package GUI


7: Select and extract the downloaded package.


8: Open the extracted .pkg and get the EBOOT.BIN file.


9: Copy this EBOOT.BIN file to the Converted Game folder NPEB31437/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN


10: Copy the converted game folder to TrueAncestorBackup retailer's game folder.


11: Copy the previously downloaded Game Update in .pkg format to the PKG Folder of TABR


12: Open TABR and make it ready to first select the PS3 Backup folder and then add the .pkg to the PS3 Backup


12.1:Now add the game in the same way to the PS3 Backup. Name of the game folder is "game" and name of game backup is "games"



13: Inject the selected game and .pkg to the PS3 Backup. Click S and then press Enter button. TABR will ask you if you want to go ahead. Now you need to type OK and then click on the Enter button.


14: After the work is complete. Copy the backup to the USB Hard Drive. (This takes a long time and requires plenty of free Hard Drive free space. Never copy a backup to the PS3 if the pc runs out of space during injection.)

15: Connect FAT32 USB HDD it to your ps3 and restore the backup.

16: If you run the game or extract a PSN .pkg game right now, it will give an error.

PS3Xploit Tutorial

1: Download and run the Exploit from the Source. "ps3xploit_pett_v001_preview5_LICDIR_FULLmod"


2: On your PS3, open the browser. Open the exploit page.
Enter in the address bar: (this may be different on your pc. See the red highlighted part above)

You should now get 3 prompts before the webpage opens. Keep clicking "X" on the gamepad.

3: Go to settings and set the exploit page as Homepage. Now, each time the Internet Browser is opened, it will load the exploit page.

4: Clear the cache/cookies/search data/and any other delete-able thing. This is important.

5: Press "O" to exit the browser.

6: Connect the USB FAT32 Flash Drive that has the LIC.EDAT file. Right-most USB port.

7:Start the Browser again and you will be at the exploit page. Select the options as mentioned below.


8:Click "Initialize ROP Chain"

9: If everything works correctly, you will get the next page. Click "Execute Chain"


10: Once your LIC.EDAT has been copied, you will get the below message. (updated screen shot)



Confirmed Games List:
  • Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception - BCES01175
  • Diablo 3 Reaper of souls Ultimate evil edition - BLUS31437
By egianiofoa 42xxA - 4.81 OFW
  • GRID 2
  • Mortal Kombat : Komplete Edition
  • Call of duty : Advanced Warfare
  • Last of Us
By ToxicMonk037
  • Mortal Kombat : Komplete Edition
  • Call of duty : Advanced Warfare
  • Last of Us
By Geokgian 3004A 4.82 OFW
  • Spec ops the line BLES01157
  • Blur NPUB30531
  • Far Cry 4 NPUB31420
By Davidzeus
  • Pes2018
  • Battlefield 4


If Initialise ROP fails, you can try 'Resetting PS3 settings' . I faced this issue in finding offsets during ROP for Dante's inferno from the site.

My advice would be to try out pre-made games from Russian site first so that you have to focus only on step 2 (injection) and step 3 (LIC.EDAT) and then slowly start trying out your own converted games using step 1.


Do you need to make any changes to connection settings on PS3 prior to this step ? Or it just needs to be connected to the same wifi network ?


Just be on the same wifi network. You can even try it from any web server using hotspot from your phone. Connect your PS3 to the hotspot network and then use a web server -
I used 'kws web server' from playstore.
Unzip the folder in your phone's Internal memory.
Then 'start server' from kws web server. Open PS3 browser and point to the host shown in the kws server. Then you can navigate to the 'htdocs' folder, the exploit will open.
Set it as homepage , clear cache, cookies, history and then close the browser. Reopen the browser and proceed.


I am unable to find offsets. No matter how many times I try. I have tried resetting PS3 settings, clearing cookies, cache, history everytime etc.

Mine is cech-4308a model with OFW 4.82. So, I am supposed to select "eMMC" under Default settings, right ? and untick "Nor"

Am I doing it right ?