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Recently we've heard PS4 4.50 injection rumors reminiscent of those on PS3, so I replied to a few private messages with essentially what you see posted in my reply HERE asking someone who knows more to come forward. :notworthy:

Those who've been following the PS4 scene are already familiar with PlayStation 4 GameSharing and the Russian / Egyptian / Xmax Katsu hardware variants of it, but what we found out about today from @Bassabov in the PSXHAX Shoutbox is that official Team Cobra ODE Reseller (see HERE as Cobra's fly-by-night domain is suspended at the time of writing) claims to have revived the Brazilian PS4 GameSharing Method for 4.50 Firmware... that's the current RUMOR anyway! :unsure:

Here's what their page states, to quote roughly translated: "PS4: The Brazilian method is the return News - PS4 (10/04/2017 15:45)

Great news! Our team revived the "Brazilian method" of downloading games on the PS4 with the firmware 4.50.

And so, again the Brazilian method works!

1. Fast download of games to your PS4 (from 1 to 3 days)

2. Any firmware, including 4.50

3. Any model PS4 (Fat, Slim, PRO) and any region.

4. Download both to internal and external HDD

5. While ONLINE NO !!! (But we are working on this issue)

6. To download games by our method, the attachment is disassembled!

7. Guarantee from our SC!

A list of games in the PS4 section of our site. We are waiting for orders!"

:stop: Needless to say, don't pay anyone for harddrives with preloaded PS4 games on them regardless of whether they are rumored to be working on PS4 4.50 Firmware or not... and also don't pay $5,000 (~5 BTC) for the method being used by dark web con-artists and opportunists. :slap:

If this RUMOR ends up being legitimate (hopefully Team Cobra ODE screens their business associates to some degree of credibility before including them on their official reseller list :cautious:) all it will take is someone with the necessary files or information to reveal it in the PlayStation 4 scene for FREE, and thanks again to @Bassabov for sharing what you knew about it with us! :lovewins:
Brazilian PS4 Method for 4.50 Firmware Rumor by Cobra ODE Reseller.jpg


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From what I can follow, the 1-3 days timeframe may be how long it would take for a seller/shop to transfer the cloned PS4 games to the buyer's hard drive.


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I want by it! Who seller ?
I wouldn't recommend paying for anything from anybody pertaining to PS4 game backups, but for those who missed it the seller is linked as the source in the main article.

@HackYourPS4 I know you also hinted at it... until today I wasn't aware of the Russian site's news about it (which was just posted on 10/04/2017 at 15:45) though.

If anyone who used it personally can confirm this PS4 GameSharing Method for 4.50 firmware is legitimate and works I guess despite all my 'rumor' labels it won't really be considered a rumor much longer. :eek:
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