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Proceeding the PS5 BD-JB Presentation, PS5 BD-J Pong Homebrew Game Test and his PS4 Magic USB for Jailbroken PlayStation 4 Consoles here's a Doom BD-J PS5 Blu-ray Disc Java Homebrew Game demonstration video from @jose gozalez (aka josegar21481364 on Twitter) of the Blu-Play DOOM I Port previously released. 🔵

Download: Doom-BluPlay.iso (5.5 MB) / Mirror via

:idea: Keep in mind, the Java platform for Blu-ray players is called BD-J and these are primarily [U]Java[/U] homebrew game ports that can be made to run on a variety of supported devices including Blu-ray players and Sony consoles like PS3 / PS4 / PS5... so they don't require hacks like Chaining With A Kernel Exploit (for PS5 Debug Settings) as outlined in TheFloW's PS5 BD-JB Talk last week. :ninja:

While many in the PlayStation 5 Scene await a full PS5 Jailbreak that can be utilized for playing PS5 Game Dumps to be publicly released, it may be quite some time before that happens... so PS5 BD-J Homebrew Games allow those that don't want to update their consoles to play something in the meantime. :giggle:

Of course it'll be handy to have an archive (or torrent?) of ready-made PS5 BDJ Homebrew Game .iSO's that can be easily burned to BD-R / BD-RW (preferred) discs with a guide on how to port your own, but for now here's a quick recap of some worth trying... and if you haven't done so yet, check out as well:
Doom BD-J PS5

After the PS3_Pong_Ready_to_Go_Pack, you can play doom.

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Doom BD-J PS5 Blu-ray Disc Java Homebrew Game Demo by Jose Gonzalez.jpg



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I think things are happening in an alternate fashion.
The PSX had modchips right from the beginning.
The PS3 was busted wide open after 4 yrs.
The PS5 was already hacked last year by fail0verflow and now this exploit by FLOW.


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And the PS1 & PS2 disc swap / ToC methods, 2SP Patcher, PS2 drive tray switch, slide-card tool, flip-top covers, CogSwapLoader, CDLoader, DVDLoader, ZoneLoader, Swap Magic discs, HDLoader / HDAdvance / USBeXtreme, etc. :D


Let's not forget those selfbooting PS2 FreeDVDBoot discs which is almost similar to this... Hmm make the ps2 think a backup game is a movie ok unlock drive. Then the so called VIDEO_TS.ifo file that loads is actually ESR chain loading. With no splash screen to make it look more authentic


I hope that we will not go back to the era of copied discs, I remember my suffering in playing games when game freeze due to bad matrial CD or scratched, and the frustration when the disc won't boot, especially with the ps2 when the red screen appears.