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Here are some ESP8266 Flash Dumper tools used to dump your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin, then you can flash with flasher or flasher for PS4 ESP host and PS3 ESP host. :D

Download :

esp8266flashdumper.rar (216.24 KB - Windows x64 & 32 bit version) / esp8266flashdumper.rar (Mirror) / esp8266flashdumper.rar (Mirror #2) / esp8266flashdumper.rar (Mirror #3)

Requirements :

You will need either Python 2.7 or Python 3.4 or newer installed on your system.

The latest stable release can be installed from pypi via pip:

[ $ pip install esptool ] :

With some Python installations this may not work and you'll receive an error, try python -m pip install esptool or pip2 install esptool.

After installing, you will have installed into the default Python executables directory and you should be able to run it with the command

[ how to use ] :

1. enter your flashname.bin
2. enter com port
wait tool will dump your firmware in same dir

@kdwgamestore & @pearlxcore

Credit :

themadinventor , projectgus & all esp dev
ESP8266 Flash Dumper Tools to Dump Your ESP8266 Firmware to .bin.jpg


Hey tron. I have updated my esp8266 with the firm rc1 and my ps4 system has been frozen several times after running the xploit. I have even loaded several backups and after a few minutes playing, the console was frozen again. I have flashed the normal 3.0 firmware and everything is correct now. Is it a failure of the beta ?
@pearlxcore I have same issue, I have installed python 3.6, pip > python -m pip install esptool, success, now tool still doesn't work, what am I doing wrong?

ok got it working, I had to drag the into the exe... fml
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