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Previously we linked several guides for Dumping PS4 PKG Files, and with Select PC Drives outlined HERE people have been dumping (minus decrypting) PS4 games since late 2013... but if you have a 1.76 OFW console you can also dump disc-based games from the PlayStation 4 itself thanks to a brief guide from e✘! :veryhappy:

To quote, roughly translated: Dump Disc Games on PS4 1.76

Since not every drive reads PS4 disc games, there is the possibility to read the content via the PS4.

1. Insert the PlayStation 4 game disc
2. Open the game and create an FTP connection
3. The contents of the disc are located under / mnt / disc
Dump Disc Games on PS4 1.76.jpg

Dump Disc Games on PS4 1.76.png

:stop: To copy the files, the game must remain open. The original size of the app.pkg is not displayed during the transfer.

Converting Disc-based PS4 Games Into Digital Games 4.05 WebKit Exploit
How to Convert PS4 Game Disc to PKG Format
Download: dumpPS4Games.rar (10.7 MB)

Finally, here is one more guide from Thibobo (Twitter) on How to Dump Your Own PS4 Disc / PSN Games Tutorial, to quote:

Step 1:
  • Go Start up your PS4, do not run any exploit just yet.
  • Insert a game disk and wait until it's installed. (If you're about to dump a PSN game then this step isn't for you.) (I will use Mafia III for this tuto!)
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 2.jpg

Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 3.jpg

Step 2:
  • Run your game (When it's the first time you run the game it might ask you to install ingame example: GTA5, Mafia III...)
  • Let the game boot & make sure you're atleast in the main menu.
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 4.jpg

Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 5.jpg

Step 3:
  • Grab a USB drive or Portable HDD and plug it into the most right USB port of your PS4. (Make sure you have enough memory for the game you want to dump & make sure the file system is ExFat)
  • Minimize your game.
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 6.jpg

Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 7.jpg

Step 4:
  • Open the Web browser & run the kernel exploit (if you don't know how to do this you should look at my previous tutorial!)
  • Do NOT close the browser!!
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 8.jpg

Step 5:
  • Now head onto your computer.
  • Run NetCat GUI change the IP to your ps4's IP & port to 9020 & send this payload to your PS4. (This payload dumps, patches & fake signs your game!)
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme 9.png

Step 6:
  • Wait until your Game is fully dumped! (Your PS4 will automatically power off! It's not a kernel panic so don't worry!!)
Step 7:
  • Congrats! You now have fully dumped your game! (raw patched & fake signed dump)
  • Your dump should look like this! (Note: Every game is different & might look different, but the directories stay the same!)
Note: I will make another tutorial in the future on how to build your own PKG from your gamedump so you can install it on your hacked PS4!

A few examples:


How to Properly Dump and Repack Games for PS4HEN Tutorial
How to convert/backup PS4 Disc based games into Fake Package Files
It seems that most, if not all bluray drives specified in the quickstart of rpcs3 can read ps4 games as well without crypto restrictions. obviously you can't decrypt the app.pkg but it's some nice info for those who like ripping the content for future use :)
Unless you have means to use the license, their is almost no point in "ripping" them, since it's a 1:1 image with psn pkgs
There is a license file on disc as well, but If previous consoles are any indication, there is still a region on the disc we can't access... Regardless, rip itself is almost useless (assuming half decent Internet), if anything all you want is the license in that case.
Guide to Dump PlayStation 4 Disc Games on PS4 1.76 by eXtreme.jpg
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Yes, the PS4 Pro's are 3.70 OFW and the Uncharted 4 Bundle PS4 Slims are 3.55 OFW... at least what's left in store stock, not sure if those shipping are any newer yet.
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