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This weekend PlayStation 4 developer RjMan shared a PS4 tutorial covering how to boot OrbisOS on VMware Workstation with the scene as detailed below.

To quote: Boot OrbisOS on VM

Hi, from this guide its also working on VM workstation.

I'm able to boot Orbis but keyboard isn't working, also able to run scripts when try boot from rootfs of the orbisresq

Here is my setup with Ubuntu 15:

  • installed ubuntu on vmware workstation
  • 8Gb ram at least
  • add 3 virtual hdd's
  • 1 ubuntu ext4
  • 2 orbisos fat32
  • 3 orbis rescue fat 32 with Disk Label "ORBISRESQ" (orbis will try load this rootfs)
  • boot the linux copy all adm folder content from the OrbisOS zIP
  • add this to the /etc/grub.d/40.custom file:
    menuentry "Load ps4 config" {
    set root=(hd1,msdos1)
    configfile /grub2_200.cfg
  • update-grub
  • reboot
  • switch to orbis menu
You can play with the Orbisresq add scripts to \etc\rc maybe even fix the keyboard issue ;)

Thanks to @toni1988 for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox!




Chaos Kid

Senior Member
First off you need the correct orbis which isn't hard to figure out its also not x86 nor x86_64 once you have that you can then load more options but vmware you need the quick fix for network under vmware to load an x86 distro vm.

Then you need to bootstrap them together so they will load boot process along with alot of extras.

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Orbis rescue is on retail PS4???

It can be yes if you have the common knowledge and know what to do but most ppl are clueless to stuff in plain sight
2nd of all its not orbis it's only code name in beginning stages be4 console was released n part of its only in the system due to primary load kinda obvious

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Sony leaves a back door and someone will do something about it , eventually
Its not just a back door it's plain view to those who know about it and how to use it.

You only see x86 orbis shown but infact it's not say hi fpga n kernel is from that so unless you have or the devs who have that kinda price tag it's not so easy to access without access hack or hacks to this kernel terminal
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