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If you're one of the few lucky enough to have a PlayStation 4 1.76 console then you may be spending some time with the recent method on How to Run PS4 Backup Games, and today @zecoxao shared on Twitter an updated payload for those who prefer to load their games or PS4 homebrew from USB Stick. :-D

Essentially what it does is implements the necessary directory path changes from /data/CUSAXXXXX to /mnt/usb0/XXXXX in the payload, easy peasy right?! :extremelyhappy:

Download: kernel_hooks.elf (466.69 KB)

He also notes in his Tweets (below) that only fat32 and exfat are supported at this time.

And some recent Tweets:

Thanks to @hyndrid for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier tonight! <3
Updated Kernel_Hooks.elf to Load PS4 Game Backups & Homebrew on USB.jpg



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There are some identifiable bundles that come with 1.76 OFW (official Firmware), but finding them new / unopened / not updated these days is a bit tricky indeed.

There are a few not on the list on sites like eBay such as THIS listing for US $439.99, but you'd have to do some digging to find out if the "1.76" claim is indeed legitimate on that bundle or not.

If I was considering it, I'd contact the seller personally and verify it or let them know you plan to chargeback if it arrives over 1.76.

As for the required PS4 Firmware changing, 1.76 is the only one with a public user and kernel level exploit allowing a full jailbreak but the Dlclose / WebKit / JailBreakMe exploits have been ported to higher and lower Firmware versions (see all the Sticky threads HERE for them) so it's just a matter of time until another surfaces from the private dev sector to the public one.


Thanks for this info. It seems like im gonna wait it out a bit more and see what advancements show up. i waited 3 years already without opening the launch edition whats a few more days. haha


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Who tried to run on the usb please put a little tutorial as he did exactly. Thx!
I have tried it and I got Silent Hill Working. It's practically having the files on an external hard drive and activating the payload that gives you the ability to play from your USB drive