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Following his recent PS4API Server project, today PlayStation 4 developer @BISOON made available a NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware similar to the popular NetCheat PS3 tool for game cheats. :D

Download: / GIT

To quote from BISOON on NGU: Hello again guys

Might most of you have used netCheat for PS3* to search for offsets or anything else, this tool is extremely useful most of the time doing game cheats.

Fortunately, Dnawrkshp made it with the possibility for API extension which loads API/Plugin during runtime this feature will be handy when we want to use the tool with various platforms, so I used this PS4Lib.dll to make netcheat API for PS4, probably will be useful :)


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/

I tested on netCheat 4.53, the app open source you can find it on Dnawrkshp's GitHub page, comment below if you encounter any problem...

  • Dnawrkshp
And from the netCheatAPI-for-PS4


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/ You need PS4API server payload to use this, you can download it from here PS4API.bin


Netcheat will read 65000 bytes in one request, so in the API.cs I just devided the number of requested bytes by 16384 to make sure the browser will not crash.

Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on this news via Twitter earlier today! :beer:
NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats.png

NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats 2.png



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How can i scan this far into memory?
I mean 0x50030671D0 is very big adress.
When i search with netcheat i can only scan upto ffffffff
When i try to scan in such big range (e.g. 5xxxxxxx - 8xxxxxxx) I get results on 4xxxxx adress. When i try to scan at range above ffffffff i also get results from 4xxxxx.
What is my mistake?


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@ioritree if you cannot use memviewer how can you find the cheats? what are the parameters that you put into netcheat? You use also jkpatch or only netcheat + ps4api? I'm a bit confuse you how can I search these codes? Thanx buddy

and is Bisoon workin to fix these problems??


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Well, as I see it, to find some value, we need to search in the memory ranges at the end of the memory map, after "name: SceGnmDumpArea start: 0xFE0300000 length: 0x80000 prot: 3".

In the case of FFXV it was easy. The game values were in a process with a length of approx. 3 million. In other words, it was possible to peek the entire process at once to conveniently search for values using some hexadecimal editor such as "HXD".

However, not all games have processes with such a convenient length. I am currently looking for values for Tales of Zestiria and, the process in question that I am reviewing is 83,000,000........ 83 million!!

Considering that the maximum length I can search for is 5 million without the application collapsing and that each peek takes about 15 minutes... finding some value will take a while.
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