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Following his recent PS4API Server project, today PlayStation 4 developer @BISOON made available a NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware similar to the popular NetCheat PS3 tool for game cheats. :D

Download: / GIT

To quote from BISOON on NGU: Hello again guys

Might most of you have used netCheat for PS3* to search for offsets or anything else, this tool is extremely useful most of the time doing game cheats.

Fortunately, Dnawrkshp made it with the possibility for API extension which loads API/Plugin during runtime this feature will be handy when we want to use the tool with various platforms, so I used this PS4Lib.dll to make netcheat API for PS4, probably will be useful :)


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/

I tested on netCheat 4.53, the app open source you can find it on Dnawrkshp's GitHub page, comment below if you encounter any problem...

  • Dnawrkshp
And from the netCheatAPI-for-PS4


Drop all dlls from here bin/release to [your netCheat folder]/APIs/ You need PS4API server payload to use this, you can download it from here PS4API.bin


Netcheat will read 65000 bytes in one request, so in the API.cs I just devided the number of requested bytes by 16384 to make sure the browser will not crash.

Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on this news via Twitter earlier today! :beer:
NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats.png

NetCheat API for PS4 4.05 Firmware by BISOON for Game Cheats 2.png



Guys let me know which version of Netcheat your using ? x86 or x64
if x86 try to use x64 bits version and try your steps again and let me know if you still facing the same problem, also most of the time result is depending on your way on how to search offsets .. thanks guys.

@ioritree thanks for sharing your experience with ppl.. please list all problems you encountered with PS4API & netcheat I will try to fix & rebuild netcheat to be compatible with PS4. thanks again.


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@BISOON thanx a lot Bisoon you're amazing and the tool also!!! It would be useful to attach a particular range of ram cause netcheat crash on high ranges yesterday I tried great ranges like 0x2000000000 end 0x3000000000 took me 15 minutes and nothing found also on all other ranges even F000000000 till FFFFFFFFFF im using netcheat x64 on win10. I only found codes on range like 0x40000 end 0xFFFFFFFF for games like Dynasty Warrios i found lot of codes and i will post it. But please can you fix the ram issue??

Also a breakpoint function on founding codes will be wonderful so we can cheat the routine on elf.

I will donate for this!! Thanx a lot!!!!!!!!

@jwooh we would need a special section for cheat codes on PS4 it would be great!!


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@vampirexx A section for cheat codes would probably need to go in PS4 CFW and Hacks Section.

I wouldn't be able to edit it though. I don't have any powers in any of these sections only the PS4 Hen section.

If it was okay with psxhax to add a place in the PS4 Hen section I would keep it updated but that's up to him.


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@ioritree mind if i ask what the offsets are for this game?

and to others using this tool, I seem to be a little confused, its my understanding that i use ps3netCheat with the ps4lib.dll in my api folder of netcheat and then use the bin as a payload? or am i missing something? was really good with ps3 netcheat, has been a while though. is that all i need or am i missing something? (ps4.dll/ps4API.bin thats it?)
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