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Following his GTA V PS4 4.05 Menu Test 1 and the recent PS4 4.05 GTA 5 Mod Guide, today PlayStation 4 developer @AlFaMoDz shared on Twitter his PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu v1 payload for offline Grand Theft Auto 5 game modders with details below! :ninja:

Download: AlFaMoDz-GTAV-4.05.bin (1.01 MB) / AlFaMoDz-GTAV-4.05.bin (Mirror) / GTA ArabicGuy (201 KB - includes ArabicGuy100.bin, ArabicGuy127.bin and ArabicGuy132.bin)

From the video's description, roughly translated: Open with Square + Left Arrow, the menu opens with Square + Right Arrow

So to open, R2+[] or ←+[]

Also below is another GTA 5 ArabicGuy BETA PS4 4.05 demo video via RFOoD x MoDz on YouTube with a 4.05 PS4 payload, as follows:

Download: ArabicGuy.bin (534.49 KB) / ArabicGuy.bin (1.01 MB - Fixed via RF0oDxM0Dz) / Simple Guide by @Pretinaverse

Open menu: L1 + R1

Thanks to 2much4u for PS4 Native Caller

Zombie Mission PS4 4 05
Mod Dog Attacker PS4 4.05
ArabicGuy BETA PS4 4 05 + Download -Fixed
Video with Simple Guide by @Pretinaverse:
PS4 JAILBREAK 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu by Arabic Guy
Also below is a new GTA5 menu base from @CMTFrosty (CMT Frosty on YouTube):

Download: GTA5_Menu_Base_By_CMTFrosty_PS4.rar (216 KB)
GTA 5 Mod Menu Base [PS4/4.05]
Oh, and credits to Turk_Warrior for recording this.
Download: ReazerMenu.bin (1.01 MB)
Finally, in related GTA hacking news comes a LCS Debug Menu for PS2 / PSP from Freakler:

Download: gtalcs_ps2debug.rar (1.97 MB)
GTA Liberty City Stories Debug Menu
Thanks to @LarryK, @Reazer and @TheOneAngel for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :lovewins:
PS4 4.05 GTA V Mod Menu V1 Payload by AlFaMoDz is Released.jpg


For the game lock you Need the HEN payload to unlock,it sometimes shows the lock after you send the payload but that will disappear.

I use specter's kexploit btw
cant get this to work
IDC always hangs..... (But it works)

When you click IDC, the progress bar will never go past half way and you will likely see a white screen...... THIS IS THE TIME TO SEND MOD PAYLOAD...... When NetGui says DONE, double tap quickly the psbutton and start your game..... Enjoy!!!

You're literally almost there brother!!!!
Oh and I've also noticed with the Lightning Modz ......sometimes my games still show a locked symbol but Everytime I click on it , it works anyway...... Food for thought people...
thanks guys. I will keep trying.

so run specter push the payload even though it says locked it should work after right ?
because if i click back on the browser after i pushed the payload, it won't work and the menu will not show up when i run the game.
i have issues injecting the arabic guy's payload may I ask when are you injecting it? I know we need to start the game first do you wait for game to load save or prior?

1. Load IDC or Specter exploit.
2. Send ps4hen.
3. Load again idc or specter exploit.
4. Send mod
5. Don't press the O button. Don't close the browser!! Press the home button to go back to the home screen without closing the browser.
6. Load GTA V

And you're ready. L1+R1 to pop up the menu ;)
Yust like that! Don't pres O but the Ps button,you wil know the mods are loaded when on the bottom left on your screen it says: ****rockstargames or someting like that.
You wil get there!
Spector always seemed to hang for me so I use lightning and it does everything but load the cheat mod.... So then I run idc and sent payload that way

At this point there's not standard.... You will find what works for you and when you do it'll feel amazing!!!!!
wait we have to start the game first ?
that means we need to start vortex or ps4en first because the games will be locked if we don't run exploit first
then push the mod ?

so confusing lol
here's what i did
i use specter or idc push the payload
game is locked
so i click back then i ran vortex or lightning
then the menu doesn't work lol
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