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While there is no ETA on future PS4 jailbreak exploits yet and current jailbroken PS4 5.05 consoles can run homebrew and play hundreds of PS4 Fake PKG games, those stuck on PS4 4.74 OFW due to a missing or broken Blu-ray drive can now directly update to PS4 5.05 OFW to enjoy all the fun of a 5.05 PS4 jailbroken console following the previously released PS4Brew 4.74 Kernel Exploit! 💽 📀

:alert: As a precaution, PS4 scene developers strongly advise those who attempt this PS4 BD Driveless Updating 4.74 (No BD) to 5.05 Patch Updater method to backup your HDD as soon as you're on 5.05 Firmware. :alert:

From, to quote roughly translated: [PS4] A solution to update from 4.74 to 5.05 with the HS reader!

The developer Zecoaxo informs us that a solution has just come out for those who were stuck in firmware 4.74 following a bluray drive out of order.

A direct update solution to version 5.05 is now available.

To update the console on the firmware 5.05, just run the HEN on the firmware 4.74, inject the payload jkpatchsyscall9.bin, install the package 505.pkg, then install the firmware 5.05 from a USB device connected to the console.

For the moment, no brick is raised, but hey you take the risk of experiencing this kind of problem.

To sum up:
  • Remove any PUP from the / update / directory of your USB key
  • Download the magic_update.7z (11.52 MB) payload jkpatchsyscall9.bin and the 505.pkg or here (Mirror)
  • Put the PS4UPDATE.PUP on the usb0 (the PUP of 5.05)
  • Install the PKG and restart
  • Install syscall9 with payload
  • Launch the HEN after sending it (
  • Launch the upgrade from firmware 4.74 to 5.05
Before you start, make sure you have all the elements, and understand the approach!

All this has been tested on PlayStation 4 1000/1100 series consoles, but it should work on PlayStation 4 Pro, in fact the payload allows to launch on a console at HS bluray the update.

Zecoaxo recognizes that the most unstable part is the HEN that can crash when launching an application.

Everything is there:

Thanks to the devs who helped in this advance!
PS4 No BD 4.74 to 5.05 Update via tiago92ba
Obscure PS4 fact of the day: If you, by any means, decide to attempt to update or downgrade your ps4 using weird methods, know that orbis_swu will check if the *** version in the backup banks is equal or superior to the one you'll attempt up/downgrading to.
PS4 BD Driveless Updating 4.74 (No BD) to 5.05 Patch Updater Method.jpg



my friends now, for example my harddisk format or damage after update 4.74 to 5.05 no bd ok the system will remain at 5.05

How will the system be loaded 5.05 without bd after damge or format hard drive??


Hopefully the no Bd payload for 4.74 will be ported for 5.05 for us without working drives. Would be nice to know I could install 5.05 recovery firmware again if something happens.

Anyone tried reinstalling 5.05 again on a 4.74-5.05 console?


I don't know what went wrong but i think i bricked it. The case says it's a CUH-1114 but i don't know what board is inside , might as well be CUH-1214. Now that i read the tutorial again, only thing i did different was first enabling HEN, then injecting the payload.

It started to do the update directly , without asking now or later. A popup appeared that the firmware is patched for NO-BD , like in the video. Finished the update , restarted but the light bar on the console remained white.

I turned it off and on again and now the light is flashing blue. The controller seems to sync but it will not output image or enter recovery mode. RIP ?


Hey ... i'm following this tutorial and after running Update to 5.05 from the dashboard like i run my games i'm just looking at a HB blue screen and thats it ... wont do anything else.

My drive board is fried so i got no cables running anywhere ... USB and PUP files are all correct and with correct names ...


The instructions are a bit unclear. I think you need to put PS4UPDATE.PUP straight to the root of the stick but unfortunately I bricked mine. Maybe some day there will be a way to remarry or an no-bd cfw.

I suggest you stick to 4.74. You can enable Hen from (the first try will show an INSUFFICENT MEMORY error , launch again , it will hang at loading and will not confirm in the upper left corner , but if you exit with the PS button Hen will be activated)


First ever posting here. But i have to say thanks so much to all who were involved with this GREAT project. Worked like a charm. Thanks again so much.


@saski @tusk99, unfortunately if you use this method to update from 4.74 to 5.05 and your harddrive goes bad, you won't be able to install 5.05 to a new harddrive until your fix the BluRay issue you have. This is one huge flaw or risk when performing the update to 5.05.

Better off staying on 4.74 if you don't repair the BluRay problem. At least that way, you can always reinstall the firmware if something goes wrong.


I know the risks its worth getting off 4.74
The payloads for 4.74 are so unstable
That's half the issue with the update to 5.05
I have done 2 updates 4.74-5.05 no problems
I have multiple 5.05 ps4 that are not bad bd drive fix so im not worried
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