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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 6, 2016 at 4:18 PM       9,870       21      
PlayStation 4 developer hitodama has updated the PS4Dev GIT today with some new tools including an ELF Loader and more according to Sony PlayStation hacker BigBoss (PSX DEV).

Download: elfldr / elf-loader / elf-loader (PSXDev) / libps4 / libps4-generator / libps4-symbols / libps4-examples / libps4-boilerplate / libps4-sce-include / libps4-std-include / PS4Dev GIT

PS4Dev File Purpose
elfldr Runs 64-bit Elf files in-process on Linux, FreeBSD and the PS4
libps4 Libc, POSIX and SCE module library for the PS4
libps4-generator Generates libps4 through std (C and Posix) and SCE module headers
libps4-symbols Most recent PS4 symbols by firmware for analysis and convenience
libps4-examples Examples and prove of concepts which show something realized with libps4 (not necessarily unique to the PS4 - in fact prove of POSIX parts or failures are quite welcome)
libps4-boilerplate Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4
libps4-sce-include Reverse engineered community maintained SCE headers. Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4
libps4-std-include Read-only freebsd libc and POSIX headers. Imported by libps4-generator to generate libps4
Some recent Tweets from Twitter:

To quote zecoxao from the Tweets below: To load an ELF on PS4, one must check TaiHEN's patches, specifically first 3 patches. many thanks to Zer0xFF who noticed this :)
Thanks to joaops of PS4NEWS for the news tip.


Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Ask yourself don't you want to ever learn anything in your life and not everything handed to you on a platter? I know this comes across maybe rude but maybe some of us do this cuz we enjoy it and having abilities to actualy learn something doesn't evolve around cfw

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Are you refering to me in general? yes i have done many things with OFW and cfw for the ps3 n vita n many other things but i also take my time to actualy fully understand the system its not just all about the hacks. Its a bond shared between man and machine but also having the ambition to fully understand what you are doing means you know more then the average hacker in it for hacks.

sure you can make cfw and can play backup games but heres what they dont tell you.... have you figured out how to make software into weapons or turn hardware into weapons?
now you see this is some1 who is dedicated to understanding the system when they do this it means they know how the system responds not just in it for one thing .

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