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Proceeding his PS4 Patch Builder for Building Modded Update PKGs, today PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @MODDEDWARFARE released via Twitter a PS4 Package (PKG) Sender application complete with a video guide from his YouTube Channel! :tree: :santa:

Download: PS4 Package Sender (1.3 MB) / Remote Package Installer / Additional Help Tips

Spoiler: Depreciated

Below are some additional details from the video's description, and don't forget today is Black Friday 2019 so be sure to check out the Black Friday 2019 Ad Scans, PlayStation Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals and PlayStation Store Black Friday 2019 PSN Sale for the hottest deals this holiday season! 🔥

Remote Pkg Installer Setup Tutorial:

This video covers how to use my PS4 Package Sender app to send multiple PS4 PKG files from any location on your computer to your PS4 over your LAN connection.

Download Links:
PS4 Remote Package Installer Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak):
Improving Remote Pkg Installer Transfer Speed:
PS4 Package Sender Release/Tutorial:
How to Install & Setup Useful PS4 Homebrew Apps (6.72 or Lower!)
Installing PS4 Games, DLC & Updates (PS4 6.72 Jailbreak)
Installing Retail Updates on a Jailbroken PS4 (6.72 or Lower!)
PS4 Package (PKG) Sender Release & Tutorial by MODDED WARFARE.jpg



Guys I need your help? So I was able to send any game with no issues on 5.05 but now after updating to 6.72 with only some games the transfer stops at the exact same percantage every time.

For example, Marvel's Spider-Man always stops at 2,551GB whether I'm using wired or WiFi. I also tried changing the timeout setting but that didn't help either. I'm using Leeful v8 Hen, Modded Warfare PKG Sender v1.2


Senior Member
@moha079 Try it with my v6 or hentest menu.
hen 2.1.3b in v8 is a beta test version and might be causing the problem. It might not be that but it's worth a try. :)


First of all, I thank you for your beautiful work

Second, I regret this request in advance the Evil Within 2 - CUSA06166 Cheats and Resident Evil VII Gold Edition CUSA09473 - Cheats


Anyone had an answer of problem when using LAN transfer, using package sender suddenly the speed of transfer drop at some point (In my case it it at 67% or at 7Gb). Already using the same way as the guide video did and trying using Mira UnOfficial and Hen 2.1.3 but always got some problem.

Any info regarding this dropping speed transfer problem will be helpful, thanks
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