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We've seen several PS4 Remote Play homebrew applications enter and leave the PlayStation 4 scene including an Offline PS4 Remote Play Patcher, and recently developer delroth (aka matteyeux on Twitter) added his own open source PS4 Remote Play client WIP to Github which he states is is based on reverse engineered protocol documentation. :D

Download: / GIT / Remote Play Enabler for Non-Activated PS4 Consoles Guides via Kiru2488

Below are the details from the, to quote: PS4 Remote Play Client (WIP)

Note: this project is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Goal: having an open source implementation of the PS4 Remote Play protocol as well as a client which works on Linux. Both local and remote remote play should be supported.

Current status:
  • Supports the initial registration protocol.
  • Supports local "wake on LAN".
  • Draw the rest of the f-ing owl :)
  • Local streaming protocol RE and implementation (video, audio, input).
  • Remote streaming protocol RE and implementation (video, audio, input).
  • PSN / OAuth based pairing and remote wakeup.
PS4 Remote Play Open Source Client in Development by Delroth.jpg


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@jys0n17 i reset factory and reinstall games. so sad that my ps4 was activated now become unactivated. it's my fault that i didn't read this post carefully (my English is not expert so reading a long post full of words makes me don't understand). i only watched the video and did like the video. thank you @jys0n17

does anyone know 5.50 still could connect to psn? and when is 6.0 releases? i heard that 5.50 is hacked privately. so i'm intending to upgrade to 5.50 right before 6.0 releases to activate the console, then jailbreak it again when the hack became public.


@WaitingKy Oh sad, it's only for unactivated ps4. And I think you can do remote play if you have done activating it before disconnecting to psn or an activated ps4 without remote play activated is a different case which might be the case why you also try this trick.

Anyways always do a backup first when doing a major thing on your console. It should have been prevented from happening.

No you can't. Your ps4 will be updated to latest 5.55 fw.


@jys0n17 i could do remote play on my vita but my pc is couldn't. i saw a video that can remote play from pc to an unactivated ps4, so i gave it a try. losing activate makes me be depressed :(


This means i have to have a ps4 and TV connecting to ps4 by HDMI first to do this trick right? and after done this trick, everytime i want to connect to remote play do i have to do it again or only need a ps4 opened (no TV needed) and a PC with remoteplay.exe patched?

@Kiru2488 I've done every step as well but when i open remote play on my PC it ask me to login to Sony, I've already patched my remoteplay.exe, what's have i missed? please help me!!


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It seems the initial creator has abandoned the open source remote play project. However, last couple of months I and some colleagues (which have much more reverse engineering knowledge than me) have invested some time to make the protocol open source. One of these colleagues is even one of the OpenXbox team members.

Unfortunately it is still not working, we can finally receive some stream data but due some unknown crypto mechanisms the connection to the PS4 will get closed after a few seconds. As we do not know yet if we will further work on that project we have decided to make our research open source. You can find it here.

Maybe there are some other reverse engineering enthusiasts out there which are willing to put the last pieces together so that we can finally build some PS4 Remote-Play clients for unsupported platforms which Sony doesn't care about.

I only want to say that our research project is a prototype, it is not actively maintained and it could of course contain bugs. It was only used to help in reverse the protocol. Thank you.
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