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Following his PS4 Save Mounter Guide, PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE shared on Twitter a link to his latest YouTube Channel video update featuring a PS4 Remote Play without PSN access tutorial using the recently released PS4REN (Remote Play Enabler) homebrew application payload on 5.05 jailbroken consoles. :geek:

Check it out below, and from the video's caption to quote: How to access remote play on a Jailbroken PS4 without PSN access.

Download Links:
PS4 Remote Play on a 5.05 Jailbreak Tutorial
PS4 Remote Play Without PSN Access PS4REN Guide by MODDEDWARFARE.jpg



I searched online and couldnt find an answer, is it possible to use this method while adding a jailbroken vita running enso 3.60?

i injected the payload using an arduino chip running off of an usb stick pluggedinto my ps4. and then connecting my pc wifi connection to that usb plugged into the ps4 into its wifi address. moddedwarfare has a tutorial on that part about using payloads from such an arduino chip. And works great btw, look it up.


Thanks I will try!

As an update, having followed 2 especially clear tutorials (first Hosting 5.05 Exploit Offline Using ESP8266 from ModdedWarfare and then another PS4 Remote Play Without PSN Access PS4REN Guide by ModdedWarfare and respective youtube tutorial) I got to successfully setup remote play on my jailbroken vita.

It works quite well, so as long as you are not too far from the ESP8266 wifi dongle. Video becomes laggy/choppy when you are too far/with obstacles like doors/walls.

Just to play it safe, and although my ps vita DNS was setup to avoid updates, I can now play my ps4 games on my ps vita using only this home wireless network, so, as offline as can be.


How did you manage to make it work through the local esp network?

Am trying to do it on pc and it always asks for an internet connection and sign in to psn on the pc. How do you bypass that?


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i need offline payload loader that i can add to al azif exploit, without opening web browser and connecting internet on ps4

also i have question, is there any risk of getting banned on 5.05 ps4? I mean I've a ps4 5.05 and win 10 on laptop, i can open and sign in on the pc app. after doing all steps on the pc app it asks for a ps4 connection. If i connect my ps4 to it, will it ban my ps4 since its on exploited 5.05?


Hello, is there anybody who made this working "over internet"? In the same local network is working fine. I tried to make a VPN connection but is not working... Any ideas?

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