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Following the PS4 Save Mounter Homebrew Utility v1.1 update, this is a tutorial I have posted in the PS4 Source Discord channel community so I'll add it here plus some editing so it may help others... and please checkout @Sc0rpion's Video Guide (added below) in the PS4 Game Saves Repository thread too.

:arrow: Update: Work-around if no save can be found in the dirs box can be found HERE.

Some notes:

a- This will not work with PS4 Save Wizard saves that you download from the net because they are encrypted unless you have access to those saves to load on your PS4 to decrypt, encrypt, edit or swap region.
b- You need a jailbroken PS4 for this to work.
c- Swap region works on every game I have tried not sure about all games yet need more testing.
d- You don't need any other tool to decrypt or encrypt the save the tool will do it for you.
e- Very important please always make a backup of your save.
f- I used Al-Azif Offline PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 Alpha1.
g- Use ChendoChap PlayStation 4 Save Mounter v1.1.
h- Make sure that you have a working save, in my case I have good save Bloodborne CUSA00900 v01.09 and its on my PS4 slim that I want to decrypt, on the other hand I have a dummy save for Bloodborne CUSA00207 v01.00 on my PS4, you don't need 2nd PS4.
i- Make a note of your PS4 IP address.

  1. Move ps4debug.bin from ChendoChap PlayStation 4 Save Mounter v1.1 that come inside the zip file to ps4-exploit-host-win-v0.4.6a1\payloads.
  2. Load HEN if you have fpkg.
  3. Load Original from Al-Azif offline PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 Alpha1.
  4. Use Al-Azif.exe to inject ps4debug.bin, in my case I have only ps4debug.bin so press 2 and hit enter.
  5. Start your game.
  6. Press PS button on PS4 controller to go back to the XMB.
  7. Load FTP and don't close that windows on your PS4.
  8. Start PlayStation 4 save mounter.exe.
  9. Enter your PS4 IP and press click connect.
  10. Click on refresh processes.
  11. Select your game in the combobox in my case its an eboot.bin.
  12. Click on setup.
  13. Click on find dirs.
  14. Select the save you want to mount in the combobox, in my case its SPRJ0005.
  15. Select mount permission to READ/WRITE.
  16. Click on mount.
  17. You can use filezilla but I don't, instead and if you want open any folder and on the address bar enter your IP address like so and hit enter, replace my IP address with your IP address and leave port # to 1337.
  18. You can navigate to either directory to copy your decrypted save game, in my case its:
    1st one = /mnt/pfs/savedata_xxxxxxxx_CUSA00900_SPRJ0005.
    2nd one = /mnt/sandbox/CUSA00900_000/savedata0.
  19. Copy the folder savedata_xxxxxxxx_CUSA00900_000_SPRJ0005, or savedata0 and save it on desktop those files are the decrypted ones.
  20. After copying or replacing click unmount.
  21. Close your game.
  22. Now we move to the dummy save file, repeat step 2 to 18.
  23. Delete all contents inside /mnt/pfs/savedata_xxxxxxxx_CUSA00207_SPRJ0005, except (sce_sys) or /mnt/sandbox/CUSA03173_000/savedata0.
  24. Copy the all contents from inside the folder we save earlier except (sce_sys) and paste them inside one of the file /mnt/pfs/savedata_xxxxxxxx_CUSA00900_SPRJ0005 or /mnt/sandbox/CUSA00900_000/savedata0.
  25. After replacing files click unmount and restart your game.
I know this tutorial is long but it's easier than it looks.

PlayStation 4 Save Mounter Demonstration by Sc0rpion
:arrow: Update: Work-around if no save can be found in the dirs box can be found HERE.

PS4 Save Mounter GameSave Tutorial by Hejran7.jpg



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that person did not decrypt his save and he was comparing encrypted save files with decrypted save files so did u decrypt ur save before comparing them.


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Hi hejran7 could you kindly explain how you mounted the god of war save on the game save mounter as on mine the dirs box just stays empty. I have successfully mounted extracted copied over fallout 4 saves but no saves show up 4 god of war???


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The work around if no save can be found in the dirs box v3

Some more notes.

a. please keep in mind this may not work even if you use the work around for example resident evil 4 wont work maybe because this tool in the early stages and needs some update, but everything else is working for me so far except resident evil 4.
b. this will not work if you download (saves from the net), (ps4 save wizard), your backup saves from your ps4 or from a user account that you can't access, in other word anything you can't ACCESS, LOAD on your ps4, THIS TOOL CAN'T MOUNT YOUR SAVE IF YOUR PS4 CAN'T because they are encrypted and they were assigned LOCKED to different user or ps4 console.
c. ill use phrase (good save) and (dummy save) (good save has stats, progress, multiple hours of gameplay, etc...) (dummy save is new save you create has nothing so we can replace its file.
d. please backup your saves or use ps4 backup data utility to backup ps4 saves and user account just in case if you need it or if something goes wrong.
e. ones you have decrypted the game save you can swap region, move it to different user, different ps4, or share it with others.
f. when you decrypt or download a decrypted save don't copy over the (sce_sys) folder which most likely corrupt your save.
g. if you want to use download decrypted saves from PS4 Game Saves Repository or decrypted saves from one user to different one on your ps4 1st create dummy save on your ps4 and make sure that your character is up and running to replace its save file.

Tools and requirements.
  • Windows pc
  • PS4 on firmware 5.05
  • Al-Azif PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 Alpha1.rar modded by jgduff: am using this one cuz it got everything i need and more frequently updated.
  • PS4 Save Mounter Homebrew Utility v1.1: this is the new release of this tool uses jkpatch insted of ps4debug can't tell the difference between the tow, after some testing seems both do the same thing need more testing to be confirmed.
  • FTP Client: like FileZilla, ftp server, just a habit ill use my pc as an FTP Client.
  • sqlite editor
Before we start.

In this tutorial ill use GOW4 as an example since it wont show in the dirs box, so i have a ps4 with no PSN ID, and tow user account, (user1 with good save), (user2 with dummy save), so i can decrypt user1 save to move it to user2 account or share it.

1. install sqlite editor on your pc.
2. Move jkpatch.bin from ChendoChap PlayStation 4 Save Mounter v1.1 that come inside the zip file and copy it to PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 Alpha1\payloads.
3. start Al-Azif (ps4-exploit-host.exe) and leave it open.
4. start your ps4 and login with user1 since it has a good save we want to decrypt.
5 load hen v1.8 xVortex on your ps4 if you have fpkg, after loading hen close that window.
6. start your game and let it load and make sure your character is up and running.
7. Press PS button on PS4 controller to go back to the XMB.
8. on your ps4 start FTP Root Access and leave that window open.
9. start your FTP client on your pc and navigate to /user/home/userid/savedata/CUSAXXXXX/ in my case its CUSA07408.
10. copy to your desktop then rename ( sce_sdmemory.bin to temp.bin) and (sdimg_sce_sdmemory to sdimg_temp) now move the renamed files to same folder (CUSAXXXXX) and overwrite, you don't have to worry about the other files Like (sce_bu_sce_sdmemory.bin) and (sdimg_sce_bu_sce_sdmemory) they are just a backup if you find them.
11. use your FTP client navigate to /system_data/savedata/userid/db/user/ and download the database.db file to your desktop and make a 2nd copy of database.db and save it some where safe on your pc cuz we will need it latter, (the 2nd copy of database.db will be the original copy).
12. open database.db with sqlite editor, tap browser data, scroll down until you see your save titleid CUSAXXXXX, mine is CUSA07408.
13. left click on the beginning of horizontal column to highlight it, now right to duplicate records, scroll all the way down to find the new records.
14. now change sce_sdmemory to temp, then go to file write changes and exit sqlite editor.
15. on your pc use your FTP client and copy database.db we just modified to /system_data/savedata/userid/db/user/ and overwrite it, restart ur ps4 for changes to take affect.
16. repeat steps 4 through 7
17. open Users Guide on your ps4, FTP & Remote 5.05, payload Sender, now you see awaiting for payload on your ps4, leave that window open for now.
18. go to ps4-exploit-host.exe that window we open earlier you will see choose a payload to send, press 2 and hit enter on your keyboard to inject jkpatch.bin and close awaiting for payload window on your ps4.
19. go to users guide on your ps4, FTP & Remote 5.05, and start FTP Root Access.
20. start playStation 4 save mounter.exe and enter your ps4 ip and click connect.
21- click on refresh processes and select your game in the combobox, in my case its an eboot.bin then click on setup.
22. click on find dirs and select mount permission to READ/WRITE, now it should show the (temp) and don't forget to click mount.
23. use FTP client, navigate to (mnt/pfs/) and copy (savedata_userid_CUSAXXXXX_temp) to your desktop, this is the decrypted folder we are looking for.
24. use FTP client and navigate to /user/home/userid/savedata/CUSAXXXXX/
25. delete (sce_sdmemory.bin and sdimg_sce_sdmemory) then rename (temp.bin to sce_sdmemory.bin and temp to sdimg_sce_sdmemory).
26. use FTP client and navigate to /system_data/savedata/userid/db/user/
27. replace the modified database.db with the the 2nd copy of database.db we save earlier in step 13, then click on unmount, restart your ps4, login with your user account that has the dummy save, and start your game.

:alert: If you want to copy the save you decrypted to different user account repeat steps 4. through 27. except in step 4. you login with your 2nd user account, in my case its user2 which has the dummy save.

:alert: Or if you want to use some decrypted saves you download from the net do step 1. through 27. except in step 23. start your FTP client on your pc and navigate to (/mnt/pfs/savedata_userid_CUSAXXXXX_temp/) and replace the existing files with the one you download and overwrite.

Last word hope you all like this tutorial and please don't be a stranger and share your save with others.

Thanks to.
for their awesome tool
  • jgduff for updating and adding more stuff to Al-Azif PS4 Exploit Host.
  • mschumacher69 for the heads up about new release.
  • Al-Azif for PS4 Exploit Host


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Thanks for taking the time to do all this much appreciated.

Sadly for me on my ps4 pro i get up to step 22 without any problems but then there is no savedata_userid_CUSAXXXXX_temp folder. i must be doing something wrong. The save manager sees the temp folder and says its mounted but im not seeing it within ps4 on ftp. i will do it again maybe tomorrow lol.
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