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There are already several videos that show how the PlayStation 4 Slim looks like, and now there are also pictures and videos published online that show how the inside of the PS4 Slim console looks like! :love:

It is of course nice that the exterior has undergone a metamorphosis for the smaller version of the PS4, but you can not see what changes have been made on the inside... until now! :D

In the new PS4Slim videos from Links-Tech the PlayStation 4 Slim is completely disassembled finally providing answers, and to quote from xfx9500:

Hi guys, have fun with the world first PS4 slim teardown :)

Noise comparison coming soon
Power consumption coming soon

The PS4 slim have no 4k support ! It came in two sizes 500GB / 1TB, the operating volume is very quiet (but the console gets immediately hot)

PS4 Slim Teardown.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 2.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 3.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 4.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 5.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 6.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 7.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 8.jpg PS4 Slim Teardown 9.jpg
:arrow: Update: Also below is a PlayStation 4 Slim Teardown courtesy of The Ben Heck Show on YouTube for those interested (y)



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