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Following his DS4Lib 1.0 DualShock 4 USB Linux Library, today PlayStation 4 developer @j0lama announced on Twitter that a PS4 Spoofer RTM / RTE Tool is coming soon for 1.76 console owners! :love:

Previously we saw a PS4 1.76 Permanent Internet Browser Mod Payload, a PS4 Permanent Version Spoof and a PS4 1.76 Version String Spoof to stop the PlayStation 4 console from nagging to update.

As zecoxao notes though, the PKG Keys are different to change the Minimum Required Firmware for PS4 Games and you'll also need to spoof index.dat and X-Passphrase for PSN access.

That said, a PS4 Spoofer RTM / RTE Tool would be welcomed by PlayStation 4 1.76 developers as @Thisismrnameles mentioned on Twitter he was working on a spoof via payload, except every time the console restarted you would have to do it again.

:arrow: PS4 Real Time Memory Editor for Linux on Retail Consoles by J0lama

Thanks to @raedoob for passing along the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! (y)
PS4 Spoofer RTM  RTE Tool for PlayStation 4 1.76 by J0lama Coming.jpg


So in theory Spoofing the firmware and having Silent Hill P. T. on your console perhaps will activate it to unlock it?
I been on 2.04 for the longest time, can they really not do this for versions between 1.76 - 3.55? I feel 'the will to do it' is as much of a question as 'can' here?
So I try to Install COD MW REMASTER (UI APP)
And also Need For Speed Rivals (UI APP)
But No Luck, So far only Game Patches/Updates Works
And Demo's but you can't play the Demo Game's
Pic Below is From (COD MW REMASTER)



I'm on 5.05, the spoofer is to get us on 5.55 (so we can create an account and link it to our profiles for save editing)
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