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Following the PS4 SysGlitch Tool and SysCon Glitching Pinout and his PS4 Unfself Tool, today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss is back with a PS4 Syscon Loader via Twitter tested with IDA 7.0-7.2 of the Interactive Disassembler for reading the PS4's System Controller full firmware files by scene devs. :geek:

Download: / GIT / (4.0 MB - for Xbox 360 and PS3) by @xorloser (Twitter) / (4.2 MB) / GIT / (287 KB) / GIT

Previously we've seen a PS4 Syscon System Controller Firmware Decrypter, some PS4 System Controller High-Res Images alongside PS4 APU Floor Plan High-Resolution Die Shots and a Colwick Repository for PS4 Syscon Research and Development... from the PS4 Syscon Loader

SocraticBliss (R)

Dedicated to zecoxao <3

  1. Place the file in your IDA's loaders directory
  1. Load a PS4 Decrypted Syscon Full Firmware in IDA 32-bit
  2. Select the option ending with []
And from the
#!/usr/bin/env python
PS4 Syscon Loader by SocraticBliss (R)
Dedicated to zecoxao <3 IDA loader for reading Sony PlayStation(R) 4 Syscon Firmware files

from idaapi import *
from idc import *

import idaapi as ida
import idc

# Load Processor Details...
def processor(processor):

    # Processor
    idc.set_processor_type(processor, SETPROC_LOADER)

    # Assembler

    # Compiler
    idc.set_inf_attr(INF_COMPILER, COMP_GNU)

    # Loader Flags
    idc.set_inf_attr(INF_LFLAGS, LFLG_PC_FLAT | LFLG_COMPRESS)

    # Assume GCC3 names
    idc.set_inf_attr(INF_DEMNAMES, DEMNAM_GCC3)

    # Analysis Flags
    idc.set_inf_attr(INF_AF, 0xBFFFBFFF)

# Pablo's Function Search...
def function_search(mode, search, address = 0):

    while address < BADADDR:
        address = ida.find_binary(address, BADADDR, search, 0x10, SEARCH_DOWN)
        if address < BADADDR:
            address += mode
            ida.del_items(address, 0)
            ida.add_func(address, BADADDR)
            address += 1

# Load Segment Details...
def segment(f, start, end, name, type = 'DATA', perm = SEGPERM_MAXVAL):

    f.file2base(start, start, end, FILEREG_PATCHABLE)
    ida.add_segm(0x0, start, end, name, type, 0x0)

    # Processor Specific Segment Details
    idc.set_segm_addressing(start, 0x1)
    idc.set_segm_alignment(start, saAbs)
    idc.set_segm_combination(start, scPriv)
    idc.set_segm_attr(start, SEGATTR_PERM, perm)


# Open File Dialog...
def accept_file(f, n):

        if not isinstance(n, (int, long)) or n == 0:
            return 'PS4 - Syscon Full Firmware' if == '\x80\x01\xFF\xFF' else 0


# Load Input Binary...
def load_file(f, neflags, format):

    print('# PS4 Syscon Loader')

    # PS4 Syscon Processor

    # Boot Cluster 0
    print('# Creating Vector Table Area 0')
    segment(f, 0x0, 0x80, 'VTA0')

    for vec in xrange(0x40):
        ida.create_data(vec * 2, FF_WORD | FF_0OFF, 0x2, BADNODE)

    print('# Creating CALLT Table Area 0')
    segment(f, 0x80, 0xC0, 'CALLTTA0')

    print('# Creating Option Byte Area 0')
    segment(f, 0xC0, 0xC4, 'OBA0')

    print('# Creating On-chip Debug Security 0')
    segment(f, 0xC4, 0xCE, 'ODS0')

    print('# Creating Program Area 0')
    segment(f, 0xCE, 0x1000, 'PA0', 'CODE', SEGPERM_READ | SEGPERM_EXEC)

    # Boot Cluster 1
    print('# Creating Vector Table Area 1')
    segment(f, 0x1000, 0x1080, 'VTA1')

    for vec in xrange(0x40):
        ida.create_data(0x1000 + (vec * 2), FF_WORD | FF_0OFF, 0x2, BADNODE)

    print('# Creating CALLT Table Area 1')
    segment(f, 0x1080, 0x10C0, 'CALLTTA1')

    print('# Creating Option Byte Area 1')
    segment(f, 0x10C0, 0x10C4, 'OBA1')

    print('# Creating On-chip Debug Security 1')
    segment(f, 0x10C4, 0x10CE, 'ODS1')

    # ROM
    print('# Creating Program Area 1')
    segment(f, 0x10CE, 0x80000, 'PA1', 'CODE', SEGPERM_READ | SEGPERM_EXEC)

    # 0x80000 - 0xF0000 : Reserved

    print('# Creating Special Function Register 2')
    segment(f, 0xF0000, 0xF0800, 'SFR2')

    print('# Creating Reserved')
    segment(f, 0xF0800, 0xF1000, 'RES')

    # DATA
    print('# Creating Data')
    segment(f, 0xF1000, 0xF3000, 'DATA')

    print('# Creating Mirror')
    segment(f, 0xF3000, 0xF7F00, 'MIRROR')

    # RAM
    print('# Creating RAM')
    segment(f, 0xF7F00, 0xFFEE0, 'RAM')

    print('# Creating General-purpose Register')
    segment(f, 0xFFEE0, 0xFFF00, 'GR')

    print('# Creating Special Function Register')
    segment(f, 0xFFF00, 0x100000, 'SFR')

    print('# Search Function Start')
    function_search(1, 'D7 61 DD')
    function_search(1, 'FF C3 31 17')
    function_search(1, 'FB C3 31 17')
    function_search(1, 'FF 61 DD 8E FA')
    function_search(1, 'FF 61 DD C7')
    function_search(0, '61 DD C7')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 C3 C1')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 16')
    function_search(1, 'D7 30 02 00 C1')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 C1')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 88')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 20')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 41')
    function_search(1, 'D7 C7 36')
    function_search(1, '00 C7 C3 C1 FB')
    function_search(1, 'FF C7 57')
    function_search(2, '00 00 C7 C5 C1')
    function_search(1, '00 C5 C1')

    print('# Done!')
    return 1

PS4 Syscon Loader Python Script for System Controller Files by SocraticBliss.jpg


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