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Following his PS4 HEN 2.1.4 Port, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @TheDarkprograme made available via Twitter a work-in-progress (WIP) PS4 Tools Homebrew Showcase FPKG for PS4 jailbroken console owners or those who plan to locate one soon to check out. šŸ˜ƒ

Download: PS4_Tools_WIP.pkg / GIT / Trello

From the HB_WIP Page, to quote: PS4 Tools Homebrew WIP Showcase

After the poll on twitter where everyone wanted to see what I was making here it is

It features:
  • Save data mounting and copying to usb. (A huge shout out to ChendoChap for this)
  • Reading system info (IDPS, PSID, Username, UserID)
  • Reading of PKG files directory from the console (This is all done using PS4_Tools).
Not included in this release:
  • Mounting of PFS files.
  • The File explorer is not included
  • Trophy Unlocker
How To use :
  • Run my Hen 2.1.4 with save mount patches it can be found here (if you intend to mount saves you need this)
  • Run the homebrew
  • When copying save data to usb make sure you have a directory called SaveData on the root of your usb
Have fun.
:arrow: Also making rounds in the PlayStation 4 scene on Twitter today is a WIP repository via @zecoxao for PS4 Syscon (PS4 Syscon System Controller) research and development:
Download: / GIT

And from the colwick

repository for ps4 syscon research and development
  • saa.bin - dump from saa syscon
  • saa2.bin - dump from saa syscon
  • sab.bin - dump from sab syscon
  • sac.bin - dump from sac syscon
  • sad.bin - dump from sad syscon
  • sae.bin - dump from sae syscon
  • nva.bin - dump from nva syscon
Cheers to x_force_505 on Twitter for sharing some WIP screenshots! šŸ»

PS4 Tools Homebrew WIP Showcase FPKG by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.jpg


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