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Last night we saw the first Hello world, PS4! homebrew for exploited PlayStation 4 v4.05 consoles, and today we're beginning with the arrival of PS4HEN: PS4 HEN (Homebrew ENabler) in the form of a PS4HEN.bin payload for version 4.05 Firmware from VVildCard777 who thanks flat_z for ALL his work including his recent writeup, notzecoxao and psxdev for their help and IDC for the codebase and shellcore patch method used. :fire:

Many may recall HENkaku for PS Vita, and similar to it the PS4HEN Homebrew Enabler allows PlayStation 4 v4.05 users to launch homebrew applications alongside backup games and more which we'll cover in some other articles tonight! :D

Download: PS4HEN.bin (1.00 MB) / PS4 HEN + TestApplication - AlFaMoDz.rar (5.5 MB) via @AlFaMoDz / PS4HEN Github / PS4 HEN 4.05 Exploit Payload Webpage (No PC Needed)

Below are some related Tweets and a video (for those who missed it) from RSPxAndrew2007x via his YouTube Channel on running the testapp.pkg homebrew and fake PKGs on PS4 4.05 jailbroken consoles, and to quote from the PS4HEN

PS4 Homebrew ENabler for version 4.05 based on Flatz writeup and using IDC's codebase

You can find his codebase here aswell as his method to patch shellcore here

First this payload needs to have ps4-payload-*** compiled and set as and Env variable

you can find it here:***

when compiled and env variable set to ****** you can compile PS4HEN as a binary! follow instructions in PS4-*** or ps4-payload-*** to do this.. to make, do as follows in your terminal:
cd PS4HEN/payload
cd ../PS4HEN
to run, do as follows in your terminal:
socat -u FILE:PS4HEN.BIN TCP:<ps4 ip>:9020
To Do:

make an automation script to do the above for you lol

1. install payload.
2. install pkg (Settings/☆Debug Settings/Game/Package Installer)
3. launch homebrew.
Running Homebrew & Fake PKGs On 4.05 (PS4 Jailbreak)
Running Homebrew & Fake PKGs On 4.05 (PS4 Jailbreak)
PS4HEN PS4 HEN (Homebrew ENabler) PS4HEN.bin is Released 2.jpg Coming shortly we'll dive into PS4 4.05 Custom Themes, BGM and Packages (PKGs), a Make FSELF GUI for @flatz's recent script and of course running PS4 game backups... since many who bought a PlayStation 4 want to play PS4 games. :kitty:

P$4 4.05 / PKG's / Silent Hill P.T. / Personal Backgrounds (Thank you All) by GrimDoe
PS4 Jailbreak 4.05 payload + Install Packages test! by Gelson
Cheers to @Fimo, @GritNGrind (for the adjacent Test Application picture), @Konsolenzocker, @HomeDope, @Orgad and @SSShowmik in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for all the news tips! :beer:

Converting Disc-based PS4 Games Into Digital Games 4.05 WebKit Exploit
PS4HEN PS4 HEN (Homebrew ENabler) PS4HEN.bin is Released!.jpg
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Wonderful. Last night, my notifications just kept on popping up one after another. So many Devs set Twitter on fire. Thank you all. Waiting for an AIO tool for end users to enjoy this beautiful possibility of homebrew and backups.
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