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How much will the PS5 cost?

  • $299

    Votes: 104 4.8%
  • $399

    Votes: 355 16.5%
  • $499

    Votes: 933 43.5%
  • $599

    Votes: 408 19.0%
  • $600+

    Votes: 347 16.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Earlier this week Sony officially announced their next-generation console the PlayStation 5 is a thing, and is slated to arrive commencing PS5 scene hacking, exploiting and jailbreaking collaboration during the holiday 2020 season... but how much will the PS5 cost? 💲 🤑 💰 💸

While Sony hasn't confirmed a set price point on the PlayStation 5 yet, based on the reported features and specs and new haptic feedback PS5 controller with adaptive triggers included how much would you be willing to pay for a launch day console likely on PS5 v1.00 Firmware?

:poll: Let us know in this week's PS5 site Poll and the comments below!

PS5 Price Predictions How Much Will PlayStation 5 Cost Get Saving!.jpg


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$499 to $599 I think, more than that it will be over-priced (if it's $399 it will be more than a fair price, cause after some few months, there will be a PRO version for a higher price :unsure:)


Prices are really crazy, look at the Samsung S20 ultra, costs $ that's really crazy, you could get a good gaming PC with that and an additional small amount...I wonder what we will do in the next 5 years when phones cost $7K


I also think both xbox and PS5 will be $499 for the 1TB version. I am planning to get both at launch and keep the PS5 in the box until the first jailbreak, an play on the xbsx with game pass.
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