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In case someone is interested, after PSJoy which I've released one year ago and following my RemotePlayPrototype open source research project I have developed a new Android app called PSPlay.

PSPlay offers you the possibility to remote control your PS4 without limitations. You can play your favorite games remotely while you are away*. PSPlay is optimized to provide streaming experience with lowest latency possible.

It's also a 3rd Party Remote Play client which supports 3rd Party controllers mobile data connections, multiple PS4 profiles and PS4 firmware from 5.05 to 7.00. A PC is of course not required anymore, you can check it out here:

Download: PSPlay: Unlimited PS4 Remote Play (Early Access) / PSPlay Website

There will be a special offer for the alpha test of PSPlay which starts tomorrow. Similar to REPL4Y, the app will be available for free for one week. Any feedback or suggestions for improvements are welcome.

A detailed tutorial will be published on my YouTube Channel soon as well as an introduction video. In the meantime you can have a look at the help website of PSPlay in case you have some questions.

*Please note: if you want to play over the Internet when you are not at home you have to configure port forwarding on your router. Otherwise, playing remotely will not work when you are not connected to your network at home.
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I agree with grill2010. This app is better than original Sony app
Thanks for zoom mode


It's only my opinion. I certainly don't need it even for free, I already have another one.

PS4OfflineAccountActivator in 5 min. I gave my psn id and now I can backup my system, copy game saves to and from usb and are compatible with my psn id. And the app on the phone Chiaki for free in the play store and remote play on the phone works :)

And the number of your psn id using the Get-AccountID application written in python. Everything with descriptions for free on this forum. Great job. I checked on the 5.05 software everything blinks you only need 20 minutes to read and install :)


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Like I said, it's your opinion and if you want to build one yourself you can give it away for free. I'm just a single developer I bought at least 15 different test devices since the release of PSPlay to fix device specific bugs and I have to pay translation services to translate the app.

Even though I love to work on my apps I would like to be able to be able to work full time on new ideas and to have more time to work on new projects. Unfortunately that's all not possible without earning any money.

PS4OfflineAccountActivator is only available for PCs and I'm glad you mentioned chiaki. It's a great project and I'm in close contact with the developer as well so we can share information and I help to improve the project. Btw the logic for the Python script was provided by me ;)

Even though, as the developer of chiaki is also working on other projects it has currently far less features as PSPlay. I mainly worked on PSPlay the last half year, that's the difference. So in the end, PSPlay is not the only solution out there and I'm not forcing anyone to use it.


I've tried both a patched PS4 Remote Play, and the Chiaki app, but remote play fails to connect and chiaki shows a black screen and crashes every time i try to connect to the PS4.

I'm trying to stream from my PS4 to discord, but I've found nothing that can help me so far. any suggestions?


yes you can just download paid apps on playstore named PSPLAY and after you purchase, download it and install it. Just login your ps id make sure your ps id is login at your ps4 using PS4 offline Activator.


Back with some upgrades, router is now AC , PS4 is 7.55 and i reinstalled the app. I was hoping for stable 720p but there is an annoying screen glitch every minute , and i can't understand why.

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