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The holidays are quickly approaching and Sony just unveiled their latest PlayStation 4 TV spot dubbed It's Time to Play inviting those who haven't acquired a PS4 video gaming console yet to explore everything it has to offer... until the official PlayStation 5 Launch of course! :giggle:

From their latest PS4 trailer video's description, to quote: Bring incredible stories, jaw-dropping adventures and iconic heroes into your world with PlayStation 4. It's Time to Play. Check it out:

It's Time to Play l PS4
:idea: Those seeking to play PS4 homebrew and hundreds of PS4 FPKG games until a future PS4 jailbreak exploit drops can still find a jailbreakable PlayStation 4 console here also:
Sony Unveils Latest PlayStation 4 TV Spot It's Time to Play!.jpg



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it's weird the fpkg list are only 500 games and i have 1200 games on my 8tb + 2tb (internal) 5.05 ps4 slim not including ps2 rom


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Those who are Verified can add PKG games from their library or scene releases etc and then Mods update the list as time permits.

It amazing with 500+ free PS4 games some are still bored... if I had free time to sit and play video games these days I'd probably only be through 40-50 games by now. :p
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