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A few weeks back we saw PS4-Xplorer File Manager Theme and Avatar Maker followed by a PS4-Xplorer 1.19 update, and today PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @Lapy (LapyGames PayPal) returns via Twitter with designer Acekone1 to release Super Console Wars 1.0 for Jailbroken PS4 Consoles alongside other platforms including Windows, Android, Nintendo Switch (port by D3fau4), PS Vita (port by Alexander_017) and XBox One (port by RetroGamer_74) all available on 😍

Download: Super Console Wars 1.0 PS4.pkg (175.4 MB) / Super Console Wars 1.05 PSVita.vpk (49.7 MB)

As always, those without one may want to Locate a Jailbreakable PS4 Console or simply wait for a Future PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Exploit to enjoy this great looking PS4 homebrew game PKG that features a trophies system, English and Spanish text, Easter eggs and more! 🔥

Check out some related Tweets and a video of Super Console Wars in action below via Acekone1's YouTube Channel:

Super Console Wars
Super Console Wars 1.0 PS4 Homebrew Game PKG by Lapy & Acekone1!.jpg


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