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Since the PSXITArch Linux v2 Guide, Spine PS4 Emulator for Linux Demo, CECPS4 Linux Scripts and PS4 Gentoo Linux development updates support for the Baikal chip was recently added to the PlayStation 4 Linux Loader by Valeery... which according to PSXITA should help those who have experienced the 'infamous white LED' no video signal issue. šŸ§

Download: (5.5 MB - bzImage + ps4linuxloader + index.html via mircoho)

From his Tweet below, to quote: Very talented guy Valeery added the support to SOC Baikal.

You can get the source code here:
If you have a PS4 with the you should definitely try this.

Overclocking PS4Linux. Test on Fedora 31.
Baikal Support Added to PlayStation 4 Linux Loader by Valeery.jpg



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This is massive news! For years, when I tried to load Linux, I would get no signal. I don't just mean a black screen, no; I mean absolutely zilch. Nothing was coming through the cable. As of today, I finally have light.


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There's an installation guide HERE (CTRL+F for Install) and in place of those files use the bzImage etc from this thread for Baikal support.


I was wondering, I've been trying to connect a external mic to make it work psxitarch v2 and it showed no input at all. I tried a snowball ice an a razer seiren x, both show no input, is there anyway to make them work?


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Please report your experiences. I'm having trouble with WiFi and Ethernet. I tried to use a USB WiFi dongle, but it's hard to install the firmware packages offline because of all the dependencies.
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