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Those yearning to become a Dreams weaver like Bearly Regal and Sosetsuken5360 can obtain the full version a few days early on February 11th for Early Access upgraders, with the official PS4 release date on Valentine's Day this February 14th as confirmed in Sony's State of Play presentation. 💤 :lovewins:

Recently featured in PlayStation's Most-Wanted PS4 Games list for early 2020, Dreams lets you bring ideas to life with easy-to-use tools and share them with a global community inspired by Media Molecule's YouTube Channel filled with demo videos.

Whether you want to create games, music, paintings, animation, sculpture, movies or anything in-between, Dreams is an extraordinary digital playground where anything is possible!

To quote from Media Molecule Communications Manager Abbie Heppe on the news:

We’ll be releasing a Creator Patch update on February 11 that gives those players access to all the new content in Dreams from 12pm GMT (4am Pacific time). Following this Creator Patch, players will be able to play and enjoy all the new features coming with the official launch of Dreams!

The team here have been busy bees since Early Access launched and we’re excited to be able to confirm the major changes from February 11:


We're releasing Art's Dream!

This feature film length adventure follows former jazz musician Art as he dreams about his life, past and present, and realizes he needs to make amends with his fellow bandmates.

The journey takes him through a series of dream-like situations involving him and a whole cast of wonderful fantasy characters, such as D-Bug, a helpful little robot with an electric personality and Frances, a hammer wielding teddy bear. Will he get his shot at redemption, or will his dreams become nightmares?

New Creator Kits

You’ll also get access to the Art’s Dream creation kits, allowing you to make your own dreams with our noir, sci-fi, and fantasy creations. There are also two new kits to use in DreamShaping and your Homespaces:
  • Welcome Home
  • Ancient Temple
New Homespace Introduction

You’ll also find a new intro to the homespace area and quite a few new tutorials and how-to videos in the Workshop!

Updated UI

The UI we implemented for DreamSurfing is also a significant update coming to DreamShaping which should make it easier to find content and collections to create with.


Now, we know our voracious creators in Early Access are dying to know what’s changed in the tools.
  • We’ve added better thermometer tools (level analysis and heatmaps), camera bookmarks and a whole new control scheme that uses left and right sticks, not the motion sensor function, for players who prefer that option.
  • We’ve also done a lot under the hood – our best guess for how many changes have been made between the start of Early Access and now is... well... 18,000?!
  • We’ve deployed bug fixes (much of it based on your feedback, thank you!) and added polish across the game as well as a host of smaller changes.
Thank you for supporting us in Early Access — we can’t wait to welcome you to the new improved Dreamiverse, ahead of schedule, on February 11!

Dreams - State of Play PS4 Release Date Trailer
Dreams - PS4 Launch Trailer
:music: And for those who haven't experienced it yet or need a moment of relaxation, check out ♫ ♪ Dream Weaver ♫ ♪ by Gary Wright below:
Become a Dreams Weaver February 11th with Early Access Full Version.jpg


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