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We've seen a Dishonored: Definitive Edition 60FPS Mod PS4 PKG and a Deadpool 60FPS Mod PS4 PKG, and following his PT Unseen Content PS4 Demos and previous Bloodborne PS4 Cut Content video game modder @manfightdragon is back via Twitter with a Bloodborne PS4 60FPS Patch Showcase at 720p rendering resolution on PS4 Pro with Boost Mode enabled featuring Bloodborne's Father Gascoigne boss fight and a renderer debug menu including a 'rendertarget' preview window. 🤩

Download: CUSA03173_Bloodborne_GotY_v1.09_1080p60fps.pkg (172.94 MB)

As always his latest PlayStation 4 modding demo videos can be seen below, drop by his Discord Channel, subscribe to Lance McDonald's YouTube Channel and support his video game hacking, modding and exploration work on Patreon also! :lovewins:

Bloodborne 60fps Patch Showcase
Bloodborne 60fps Patch - Gascoigne Fight
Bloodborne 60fps Hack Tested! 1080p, 900p, 720p - Can We Lock to 60fps?
Bloodborne Cut Content - The Lake of Mud - Unused Boss Arena and Finale
How Bloodborne Might Look on PS5
Bloodborne PS4 60FPS Patch Showcase on PS4 Pro by ManFightDragon.jpg



Hey everyone! returning to the scene after a few years away. Im super hyped to hear about these 60fps patches as playing vanilla bloodborne was challenging in the least, sorry if this has been answered already but are there any drawbacks to a 60fps mod? game bugs etc? also are these public
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