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Following the PS4 fMSX Emulator port, PS4 SNES Emulator port and the 4.05 PS4 Linux release today PlayStation 4 developer @Darbness shared on Twitter a CHIP 8 emulator for PS4 4.05 proof-of-concept (PoC). :geek:

He states it currently has no input and no sound... yet! :sneaky:

Download: IV0002-CHIP80000_00-DARBNESS00000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (5.9 MB)

For those keeping track of PlayStation 4 v4.05 scene releases, old scene group LiGHTFORCE returns along with BlaZe to heat up the PS4HEN 4.05 PKG scene even more with their latest releases. :fire:

Finally, @Wultra let us know in the PSXHAX Shoutbox that Sony recently dropped some new PS4 5.0x WebKits for developers interested in examining them to find out what exploits have been patched lately. :D

CHIP 8 Emulator PoC for PS4 HEN 4.05 PKG Arrives via Darbness!.jpg



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There we go. Finally some homebrew appearing. Hopefully we will get more but I think many developers are not starting out yet until a major breakthrough is made on a higher firmware, which opens doors to many users.


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Hi @PSXHAX, first of all, I thank you for the countless hours you and others put in to manage these forum, and I appreciated the effort you and other mods have been putting in to give out to the scene! On the recent change, I see that likes are being removed.

While I do agree that the notification for like might be too much, since there might be a lot of likes coming through, I do feel like I am much more connected to the forum through this feature. It provides a quick mean that someone agree with you (or you agree with someone). The sense of someone is reading your post give user a much greater sense of belonging, and attachment to the forum.

I do agree that maybe we do not need to send alert to user on every like people sent to you, because you might be watching/following the thread that you are interested anyway. Maybe we can keep that around, but remove functionality of using like as promotional tools.

As a user, I don't care whether I got promoted to higher rank so to speak, I just care whether other users read my comments. The likes show that and that's enough. This is just my 2 cents as a user.

Thanks again for your effort to make the forums better. It really make the entire ps4 scene heat up and everyone being excited over it! Keep up the good work!
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