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Following the PS4 fMSX Emulator port, PS4 SNES Emulator port and the 4.05 PS4 Linux release today PlayStation 4 developer @Darbness shared on Twitter a CHIP 8 emulator for PS4 4.05 proof-of-concept (PoC). :geek:

He states it currently has no input and no sound... yet! :sneaky:

Download: IV0002-CHIP80000_00-DARBNESS00000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (5.9 MB)

For those keeping track of PlayStation 4 v4.05 scene releases, old scene group LiGHTFORCE returns along with BlaZe to heat up the PS4HEN 4.05 PKG scene even more with their latest releases. :fire:

Finally, @Wultra let us know in the PSXHAX Shoutbox that Sony recently dropped some new PS4 5.0x WebKits for developers interested in examining them to find out what exploits have been patched lately. :D

CHIP 8 Emulator PoC for PS4 HEN 4.05 PKG Arrives via Darbness!.jpg



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HI PSXHAX. first of all,thanks for your hard work always. I have a few questions about the rules update:

- I do realize that likes dont affect promotions anymore, and that means removing the "PSXHAX Likes", but what about the likes by other users? why were they removed too? did the system work necessitate removing all of the old likes altogether? just curious :)

-for this part of the update: "Senior Member or above UserGroups can start discussion topics (threads)."

Does this mean that only senior members can create release threads? if that is the case,and i hope i misunderstood it, then this will extremely limit the number of games that will be released as, especially after making PS4hen posts dont count, the vast majority of people who dump and release games for all of us to enjoy are at member status not senior member. we will see far far fewer releases.

i would like to suggest reducing the limit to Member or above, or adding back the count for PS4HEN posts, as either would do wonders to help people be at the appropriate level to share games with the rest of the community.

thanks again :)


Thanks for the share, I made this too hopefully show how easy it is to make homebrew for the PS4. I am in no way a developer. I have no formal training. With the leak of the patched official *** that can compile for <4.05 there is no excuse for the lack of homebrew.
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