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I have had a few people asking about converting payloads to .js so I will post this here.

With 5.05 we don't need to use payload.js anymore you can just make a single .html file with the exploit and payload in a single file, thank you to @XVortex you will notice this on his PS4 HEN GitHub inside the exploit folder.

I put together this .py file that you can use to convert a .bin into index.html
usage: [binfile]

example: AppToUsb.bin
Convert .BIN Into Index.html for 5.05 Exploit and Payloads Guide.jpg



Can i use this to convert the .bin payloads for 4.55 and 4.05 to index.html and use them with a web server? Or this one converts the .bin file to 5.05 index.html only?


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This is great! Am I correct in assuming that by using this method, the individual can just link to the page to run the relevant payload and thus not need a payload sender?

@stooged - is there anyway of making a slight alteration to your amazing Android app whereby you can add payloads as .bin files but rather than having to 'send payload, it will populate a 'payload.html' and just show a clickable link to the payloads. Thus creating the type of interface seen by the ESP8266 home screen.

Hope what I said made sense.

Keep up the excellent work :)
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