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As the PlayStation 4 scene inches closer to a 6.72 full jailbreak since the 7.02 Kernel Exploit and 6.72 WebKit Port releases, today developer and homebrew tester extraordinaire @DEFAULTDNB shared via Twitter what he calls FRMCHK which is a Web-based database to identify PS4 games in set / selectable Firmware groups. ☑️

This comes following his PS4 CUSA Detector and PS4IDENT project to find a jailbreakable PS4 console before buying, and he accepts Ko-fi Donations and PayPal Donations for his ongoing PS4 homebrew development work.

It can be accessed at the following URL: (Test Page) through your preferred device's Web browser.

Currently the FRMCHK project contains 6360 PS4 game entries with Firmware ranges from 1.01 though 7.51 in over 30 categories including DLC Add-Ons, PS2 Classics, PSN Required and VR Compatible titles! 😍

Below are some related Tweets:

:fire: Also heating things up on Twitter today is a PlayStation 4 Test / Development Kit with Data for sale by acgomez76 on eBay with a current bid of US $1,675.00... perhaps a bit pricey with PS5 right around the corner. ;)
FRMCHK Identify PS4 Games in Firmware Groups by DefaultDNB (KiiWii).png


This is such a useful tool and something I have been waiting for for a long time. Way better, more organized and nicer looking than any google spread sheet. The design and user interface here is pretty nice. Still I have to admit that I am a bit too stupid for this so maybe someone can explain stuff to me so that I will be LESS stupid.

what is the I icon (find pkg/pup info) good for? I will know that the game has different serial numbers in different regions. What do I do with those Serial numbers, what are they good for? It also lists Packages and Title IDs but once again I don't know what those are good for. At first I thought those would be download links.
would the game Ori And The Blind Forest not be on this list?? some of the indie games... oh man!!! like Blasphemous or Bloodstained Ritual of the Night or Mystik Belle (gunna be fun!!)
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