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Here's a handy guide covering how to get PS4 game updates on a jailbroken 4.05 OFW or 4.55 OFW console from PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE on his YouTube Channel via Twitter. (y)

This comes following a related tutorial on Adding PS4 Game Updates in Packages (PKGs) for those who missed it.

From the video's description, to quote: How to Get Game Updates on a 4.05/4.55 PS4 (4.05/4.55 Jailbreak)

How to update your games on a 4.05 or 4.55 Jailbroken PS4.

:alert: This method is for official games only! It will not work with game backups, only the original disc games.

Update Sites:
Download links:
How To Merge PKGs & Update Games For 4.05 & 4.55 (PS4 Jailbreak)

How to install update PKG files for your PS4 Disc based games using PS4 PKG Update Database! by NagatoRevenge

How to get PS4 Game Updates on a 4.05  4.55 Jailbroken Console.jpg


Nino Z

Senior Member
I wish there was a way to apply an update which requires a higher firmware than the hacked one. I am on 4.55 and want to update my diablo, but the update requires 4.70


Senior Member
It would be great that someone smart create some app like Awesome Update Findr 0.3 was on PS3....

Can we now find a specific update (not the latest) that not required more than 4.55 firmware ?


if I own the original disk can I upgrade directly over the internet or just per file in the install packages option? I want to generate an updated pkg of my games is there a risk of losing the 4.55 release?


Senior Member
My games have Title ID beginning in PCAS and PLAS. I think they are region 3. I cant find any update in octolus or orbismodding. Are octolus and orbismodding have eu and us game updates only? No asian?


Senior Member
Hi @WalangAlam , the game on the box starts with PLAS or PCAS but if you empty the game you will see that the id starts with CUSA, otherwise just empty the game param.sfo via ftp and you will have the ID, it will allow you to download the update via orbismodding
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