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Following the Developers Release of MiraFW: Project Mira v1.0 by OpenOrbis comes a PS4 4.55 Port by @CrazyVoid (aka CrazyVoidProgrammer) on his Github fork and an ELF and binary compiled by @pearlxcore via Twitter:

Download: MiraFW_Orbis_455.elf (2.06 MB) / MiraFW_Orbis_455.bin (0.05 MB) / ESP8266_PS4_RetroGamerFirmV3 / GIT

I also built the binaries, elf and bin successfully and below is a demonstration video of it running and sniffing for those interested. I also converted bin into js to injected it as a payload thru website.

In the PS4Admin web page ( I did an update and I added the CFW option menu to inject this MiraHEN.

There is no too much information or any notification when you inject it.

But once you finished you can go to your Windows or Linux and try a "telnet PS4-IP 9998". It means do a telnet connection, again your PS4 IP, and using the port 9998.

Then you should see all of the debugging information from PS4 and also the debug and test messages from MiraHEN. So that means it's working.

If you want to see it live in, I did a live thru YT when I show it. My language is Spanish so if you don't want to be bored listening something you don't understand then jump to minute 8 and so on. You will see it in action.

PS4 4.55 CFW Custom Firmware - PS4ADMIN - RetroGamer
5.05 MiraCFW Ported To 4.55 On PS4 (PS4 Jailbreak Custom Firmware)
How To Use MiraCFW On 4.55 & 5.05 On PS4 Tutorial
Download: Draqen-Esp8266-fw455.bin (4.0 MB)

MiraHEN PS4 4.55 Port by CrazyVoidProgrammer and Demo Video.jpg



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Reminon, you know what's more frustrating then the people complaining about the devs? The damn people complaining about the people complaining. Just ignore them. You cant make everyone happy. It just makes you look like a duck. "ungrateful", "get over yourself" and so on.

I know that a lot of members think we should bow down and tongue punch the devs fart boxes just to show our appreciation but most wont do it. For the most part the devs do like to dangle info to get everyone excited. Make it sound like we would have an exploit for 5.05 by now only to give out files to other devs and pretty much telling us, sorry, you have to wait longer. Yes, devs are pretty much doing a thankless job. It has always come with the territory. Just like backups comes with exploits.

Accept that we live in a "I want it now" society. Even though I do get frustrated at the devs for how they handle there info I am still thankful for what they've done and continue to do. If they don't like how the members act or what they say then they should release the exploit and only allow people to get it by payment.

Sorry for grammar errors and punctuation errors. I stuck at it.


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no hate and all that but why would everything i do via mirafw be recorded for developer users can someone be more pacific to a ps4 exploit newby like my self NO HATE


Just chill people and stop complaining, nobody owes you anything. What have you contributed? Nil ! So you are in no position of demanding anything. They release it when and if they want to. If all you want the kexploit for is to play backups then just go play your originals first and complete them all...
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