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We've seen Unlocking PS4 Trophies, Modded PS4 Trophies, DevKit / TestKit Trophies, a PS4 Trophy Resigner, Resigning PS4 Trophies guide, PS4 Trophy RTM and Modding Profile PS4 Trophies and this weekend @kudge (Twitter) shared a tutorial on modifying PlayStation 4 Trophies on PS4 1.76 OFW. :)

Check it out below, to quote from his guide on SCE.Party: Tutorial: Modifying Trophies On PS4 1.76

Today I will explain how to modify your trophies on a retail PS4.

  • PS4 1.76
  • Windows PC
  • FTP Client (Filezilla)
  • Power on PS4
  • Go to your internet browser and head to
  • Enable FTP + Debug settings
  • Open Filezilla on your desktop and connect to your PS4
  • On the bottom right frame for the PS4 files head to User > Home > 10000000 > Trophy > Data > SCE_TROP
  • Once your in SCE_TROP file you will se a TRPSUMMARY.DAT file
  • Right click this file and select view/edit
Once inside you can change the values to each trophy:

Now save the file and head back to the PS4 to see your new Trophies!


Also making rounds on Twitter today of interest:
Cheers to @0x199 on Twitter for the heads-up of this handy tutorial! :thumbup:
Modifying PlayStation 4 Trophies on PS4 1.76 OFW Tutorial by Kudge.jpg


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