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Much appreciated @Samuze I will link to your translated post in the OP as it definitely helps for most people watching the video! :D
I live in Algeria, Morocco is close to our country, and yet our dialect is a bit different !


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@PSXHAX thanks master. can we go online with this stuff ?

+ if they (playstation) patch this method can they (Morroco guys) continue the support of this tool ?

i mean if i buy it its maybe gonna unusable at newer OFW Like 5.0 is coming and beta is up


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My understanding is it's intended for offline use, and in the English Manual it mentions removing the modchip after using it with a more detailed explanation HERE.

Personally I would hold off getting one as Sony is bound to patch it at some point soon.


Here is my translation to what they were saying, believe me i tried hard cause it's wierd to translate moroccan arab language directly to English :

"Hi everyone, today i'll be showing you a test of the last chip that has been the subject of much discussion lately, so as you can see here, thank god! we've successfully connected it the ps4 system, and here is the hard drive which is also plugged to the ps4, here we have 3 accounts, the first one is a normal account, the second has a PS+ membership, and the third one that i am gonna be using, which many of you know by its name, contains games that i've downloaded from the PS store (GTA5 and BATTLEFIELD 4).

So I launch GTA5 and my friend here is gonna be showing you the hard drive connected to the ps4 and perfectly working, next, we're gonna switch directly to battelfield 4 game..... afterthat and most importantly, i'am gonna switch from one account to another to show you that the chip works correctly, let's switch to ps+ account, the online is working at 100 per cent, because we've tried it, as you may noticed, here is the ps+ symbol and now let's launch the gta 5 again with this account... and let's do it again we're gonna exit gta5 and then switch to the simple account to show you that it's working.

I go to ps4 settings, then peripherals, and then i'm gonna be deactivating the 400go hard drive, remove the cables, so now look at the screen, there is this small exclamation mark, meaning the games are in the hard drive, and it's impossible to play them without the hard drive, hereafter, let's reconnect the hard drive, as you can see the exclamation mark vanished, i launch gta5 and it's working. so for those of you intersted in this, you are more than welcome to our shop bla bla bla......." Lol
thanks for the translation and the bla bla bla even it wasnt even 30% of what we said but you did good thanks again

here is the english version hope all guys will enjoy.. by our team which we thank too much for there work

any more questions feel free to contact us anytime

email : [email protected]



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this this aint no jailbreak wtf you guys smokin and because someone was stupid enough to part with there cash for this cheap crappy chinese boards they will get thousands of views and leave even more people confused i really am starting to detest this site