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Proceeding the PGEN Sega Genesis / MegaDrive PS2 on PS4 Emulator Port, SMS 2 PS4: Sega Master System Emulator on PS4 and the Mast1c0re Framework for PS4 / PS5 & PS2 ELF Loader (Mast1c0re GIT / PS2 ELF Loader GIT) by _mccaulay, this weekend PS4Scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) made available via Twitter a PGEN Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Emulator for PS2 iSO for use on exploited PS4 9.00+ and PS5 6.50 consoles alongside a demonstration video from Markus95^^'s YouTube Channel below. 🕹️

Download: Pgen.iso (4.79 MB) / 4in1-MARIODKSZ.iso (549.37 MB - includes GBA, Genesis / MegaDrive, NES and SNES emulators) / 4in1-MARIODKSZ.rar (151.8 MB - Compressed Mirror) compiled by @mour0ne on Twitter / SEGAMGEN-PS2toPS4PS5.iso (1.4 GB) via mour0ne / GBA-EMU-PS2toPS4PS5.iso (2.5 GB) via mour0ne / GBAPOKEMON-PS2toPS4PS5.iso (1010.38 MB) via mour0ne

He notes on Twitter that his previous Streets Of Rage Mod PS4 PKG also works on PlayStation 5 via the PS2 emulator breakout method and plans to release an iSO image of it as well. :tup:
Other PS2 on PS4 options and Super Mario 64 are also partially working (before crashing) using the Mast1c0re Exploit on non-jailbroken PS4 / PS5 consoles, with further details from roughly translated: PS5 Megadrive Emulator for PlayStation 5

After a hectic weekend on the hack side of the Sony consoles (PS4 and PS5), with the publication of Mast1c0re by McCaulay, allowing from the game Okage to launch unsigned code on the last 2 Sony consoles, I take advantage of this new hack to share Megadrive Pgen emulator PS2 iso with community.

Indeed a few years ago I managed to launch Pgen PS2 on PS4 using the console's PS2 emulation and modifying a few files so that it would launch on PS4.

Mast1c0re using a PS2 game (Okage) as a base, so it is possible to inject .iso PS2 or PS2 homebrews, that's why I share today the modified iso of Pgen in order to launch it on your PS4 9.00+ and especially PS5 6.50.

All you have to do is inject the .iso with, the modified save (ps-load-game-net) according to your console and firmware and of course to have the Okage game on your consoles.

Namely the .iso does not contain any roms, it will be up to you to add them directly to the .iso (CDGenPS2) before injecting it into your consoles with the python script.

Another small thing, as McCaulay explained, the PS2 emulation is not yet stable, since for the moment the .lua and .txt files of the PS2 emulation are not taken into account, which causes bugs or as is the case here, color flashes while the game is loaded...

If you want to support me: make a donation <3

PGEN Genesis MegaDrive Emulator for PS2 on PS4 & PS5 via Markus95.png


just want to get something right here. this is basically for non exploited consoles right? to get to play ps2 isos. is the ps2 emulator any different than the one we use to boot on an exploited console?

second, the only way to get it to work is if the ps5 is up to date and okage installed from the store correct? that's my 2 cents lol. just want to make sure i am not missing anything.
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