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Ok, guys, let me introduce the PKG Kitchen - the toolset for the easy creation of PS4 packages.

First sorry for my ugly English. I hope you understand me ;)

Toolset does not use flat_z method to assume gp4 package structure and (probably) has a issues, but it allows you to create more or less working packages and use it as a base for experiments.

Related Files:
Brief Instructions:

0) Extract Fake PKG Generator into the tools folder;
1) Clean the kitchen environment (run _clean.bat);
2) Turn on the console;
3) Insert disc, make sure it is fully installed/copied (skip for PSN title);
4) Run the ps4-ftp-vtx payload, connect into the ps4 by FTP client;
5) Minimize (PS Button), but do not close the WWW Browser;
6) Run your game, make sure to get main menu, minimize game (PS Button);
7) Copy files:
   a) /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0-nest/pfs_image.dat --> dump\pfs
      (please note your Title ID - CUSAxxxxx)
   b) /user/app/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg --> dump\pkg
   c) /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/eboot.bin    --> dump\app
      /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/sce_module/* --> dump\app\sce_module\*
      /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/???          --> dump\app\???
      (??? is other prx modules, if any, depends on title)
   d) /system_data/priv/appmeta/CUSAxxxxx/*           --> dump\appmeta
8) Restart your console, remove disc, uninstall the game (for further testing);
9) Run the _extract_pkg.bat script. You should get the 'Image extract succeeded' message;
10) Run the tools\ArchiveExplorer.exe, open pfs_image.dat in dump\pfs dir,
select all files, and extract selected files into the app folder.
Wait until the end of the process (this can take a long time)!
11) Copy (overwrite) dump\app\* files into the app folder
(take care of the 7-c-??? files paths too)
12) Copy (overwrite) dump\appmeta\* files into the app\sce_sys folder;
13) Run the _gen_gp4.bat script. You should get the 'Done.' message and
CUSAxxxxx.gp4 project file;
14) Open CUSAxxxxx.gp4 in Fake PKG Generator and build your .pkg project;
15) Run PS4HEN payload, install and test your .pkg;
16) Profit.

Paths (for reference):
/user/app/CUSAxxxxx/app.pkg                  --FTP--> dump\pkg

/mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0-nest/pfs_image.dat --FTP--> dump\pfs            --A_E--> app

/mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/eboot.bin         --FTP--> dump\app            --CPY--> app
/mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/sce_module/*       --FTP--> dump\app\sce_module --CPY--> app\sce_module
/mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/???                --FTP--> dump\app\???        --CPY--> app\???

/system_data/priv/appmeta/CUSAxxxxx/*             --FTP--> dump\appmeta\*      --CPY--> app\sce_sys\*
PKG Kitchen - PS4 Guides, Tools and Scripts for Fake PKG Creation.jpg



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excuse me explain where to put the genpg4.exe file?
maybe in the tools folder of kitkenAID v1.2 ??
launch idc exploit enter payload ps4-ftp-vtx.bin
open ftp filezilla command DUMP CUSAxxxxxx, the folder to the left of filezilla where the files will be extracted is that of kitkenAID 1.2 ???

thank you very much it is not very clear how to make it work, i have different games on cd and if I could create working PKGs can share them on the community


Hi. I have a problem with PKG Generator.
When I open it, it says the following:

"There may not be enough space for temporary directory. (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp"

I know I have not much space on my C partition, but I can't delete programs or files to save dozens of GB for PGK Generator to create the pkg on the Windows Temp Folder (I have a 120 SSD as unit C)

Is there any way to change the Temp Folder location for PKG Generator?
If cwfprophet is reading this... can you add that option? Thanks!


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Worked first time when i left out pfs (skyrim remastered) the only problem im having is after ripping i backed up my saves to usb then deleted all traces of the game including saves.
When I copy my saves from the usb drive back i get save corrupted when i try to load it

any ideas on how to fix my months of hard work :mad::mad:


Actually I found a better way to do it

1. Dump pfs.bat --> dump/pfs
2. Dump app.pkg --> dump/pkg
3. Dump sce_sys, sce_module, eboot.bin and any folder which contain .prx file from /mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/CUSAxxxxx-app0/ --> dump/app
4. Dump appmeta --> dump/appmeta

steps :

1. Extract pfs.dat to app
2. Extract pkg
3. replace all files from dump/appmeta to app/sce_sys
4. replace all files from dump/app to app
5. generate gp4 file
6. build pkg



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I’ve released 1.4.1 right now:
It has more reliable tree-decrypting method.

I see in Filezilla that responded with "200 Dumping". Will it show up there when it's finished dumping the game? I don't have an indicator on my USB drive so I'm not sure what it's doing in the background. I did notice if I do anything in Filezilla, it stops the dumping process. Thanks for this tool!
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