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It appears Sony is in a FESTIVE mood this year with the PlayStation 5, as reports of a PlayStation 5 (PS5) Green Screen of Death (GSoD) recently surfaced alongside a demonstration video of the infamous PS5 crash below from Raf via YouTube alongside a PS5 3 Beeps of Death (3BoD) demo video from TechDeviceRepairTDR on YouTube. :tree:

Previously we've seen a PS3 Yellow Light of Death PS3 YLoD Fix, PS4 Blue Light of Death PS4 BLoD Fix, BwE PS4 NOR Validator and BwE PS4 NOR Repair Guide... with the latest being a PS5 GSoD (Green Screen of Death) by someone fortunate enough to Snag a PlayStation 5 from scalpers and truck jacking gangs. :ninja:

One commenter suggested the following temporary PS5 GSoD Fix:

"When mine did that I would turn it off after it rebooted and then unplug it for 15 mins, then works fine afterwords."

While another surmised a more serious underlying issue, to quote:

"Seems like GPU damage, maybe too high frequencies or, unlikely temps for the silicon you got."

This comes following confirmation from Sony that the PS5 Fan Will Receive Optimization Software Updates with a detailed Analysis of PlayStation 5 Power, Thermals, Storage & More also available proceeding the recent PSN Banwave and PS5 Error Codes database.

PS5 Crash (Green screen and turns off)

Having this bug with any game I try to play..

Definitely not as fun as last year... after shelling out $500+ for it, if anyone experienced this PlayStation 5 GSoD first-hand let us know what happened just prior to receiving $ony's 2020 X-Mas gift in the PS5 Scene Forums. šŸŽ

šŸ» Cheers to @pearlxcore for the heads-up on this earlier via Twitter:
First of a kind PS5 issue! 3 beeps of death (3BOD) it repairable?

So this is a very peculiar system. Once the power is plugged in the blue light turns on and off ! .. then when you turn it on.. it dies after 3 beeps.!!!

You also can not get to safe mode. it goes from blue to white to 3 beeps then off.

For more information about our repairs please visit:

PlayStation 5 (PS5) Green Screen of Death (GSoD) Demo Video.jpg



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Never buy the first release or this is what happens... you basically become a forced beta tester and have to send it back for repairs or whatever so Sony can work out the bugs at your own expense & there is only so much a firmware update can fix.

I hope someone hacks the PS5 in next few months just to give Sony the big middle finger ..!..


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Well lets see - PS3 later models were the worst ones - PS4 later models were pretty bad as well including the PRO. Sony has no quality anymore when it comes to making hardware last. They rush everything.


SONY will ALWAYS get away with all they sloppyness, since there are millions of IDIOTS, from day one, lined up to buy a console.
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