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Following the PS3 Data Transfer / Backup Injection / Converting PS3 CFW Games to OFW Methods and recent CFW2OFW Helper application, today @RLC let us know HERE of a thread by Danirodri on Spanish site ElOtroLado containing a RUMOR that there may be a private way to transfer PlayStation 3 PKG (Package) files to 4.81 and below OFW systems by creating bubbles (folders) without using the backup and data transfer utility. :unsure:

To quote from Danirodri roughly translated: "Hello everyone, I have a doubt that with the method of transferring games from CFW to OFW with 4.81 you can play backups on non-flashing consoles, so far, but I have a doubt, I know a person who records games to non-flashable consoles through bubbles and I do not need to format PS3 ls every time I want to add a game, but I do not have the confidence to explain it to me.

I think it's with PEXPloit but I have my doubts since I've read that it does not give good results, someone could explain how I do it because I'm looking everywhere and I find nothing. But the echo is that I have seen it with my own eyes as you download the games in bubble and then install the backup. Someone enlightens me. Thanks in advance.

He uses it in 4.81 and it downloads it in bubbles but I do not understand how."

From Sandungas in response, roughly translated on the rumored PS3 bubble creation and game transfer to OFW method: "Each bubble represents a folder in the path dev_hdd0 / vsh / task /

Inside the folder is the .pkg file, some "content information files" (such as PARAM.SFO and ICON0.PNG), and some .pdb files (some are called "project database", but actually I think it means "preinstall database")
All that can be created manually, the .pdb files are those that do "magic" and are responsible for the bubble.

But the problem of doing this the way you're explaining is that this is created when you download a game from the PSN store, it has nothing to do with the exploit of transferring games with the hdd.

Also, to transfer games to the hdd ... the previous hdd data is deleted, so it seems impossible for me to "add" additional games. Every time you want to add a bubble you will have to format the HDD."

Also from detilmalala comes the following details, roughly translated to quote: "Forget about that method, danirodri, is not public, only those who know the truth we know and we keep it so that it can not patch it, years ago we use it, and when Sony and eliminate the method of data transfer of a PS3 CFW to OFW, we're going to continue using it, and those ghost shops that sell PS3 with games installed are going to stay with empty hands, or rather, with PS3 empty, greetings."

So it sounds like this rumored PS3 PKG Bubble Method to transfer Package files to OFW consoles (if it exists) remains private for the time being, while the bubble approach is a bit reminiscent of VPK Bubble Creator and ePSP Bubble Installer v3.1 on PS Vita.

If anyone out there knows more about this rumor, feel free to Inbox Us or share additional details in the comments below and thanks in advance! <3
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I thought it was: dev_hdd0 / vsh / task /

Is that correct?
Exactly! We'd need a way to access that specific part of the system without an FTP or without needing an IDPS, right? I've read that PSN demo installer creates pdb files but that needs the PS3 to be accessible via FTP.


what if you extract a game, where you wil get the files and the icon etc. ... and then put that inside PS3/dev_hdd0/Game ? < sonething liike this, not excactly

Chaos Kid

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I only posted a little info as an example of how its done but never included rif which also has to be cloned so your missing the other half. the extracted game like that won't work as it needs installing or you won't be able to view


I only posted a little info as an example of how its done but never included rif which also has to be cloned so your missing the other half. the extracted game like that won't work as it needs installing or you won't be able to view
yes i figured that out after i typed that.
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