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Following his PS4FileNinja and Source Code releases alongside the recent Flat_z Custom / Repacked PS4 PKGs, this weekend PlayStation 4 developer m0rph3us1987 confirmed via Twitter that PS4 Debug PKG installation with FSELF support on retail consoles is working... while suggesting it may be time to port some emulators such as Libretro since the recent MSX progress. ;)

In the Tweets below he states he ported @flatz's code and it currently works up to PS4 Firmware 5.01, but reminds us a public kernel exploit is required before there will be a release.

Someone told me this is not working yet. That is not correct. PKG installs fine. The problem is you would need a license file to play the content. PKG must be on root of USB just like on 1.76. Exciting times....

orbis-ld --fself-flags= >>> Set the fself flags specified.
Possible values are "videoservice" and "nongame"
orbis-bin.exe --dump-fself-info file.elf Flag Value Non-game 0 Video service 0
Thanks to @raedoob for the heads-up on Twitter of this news and to @Figure03 on the PSXHAX Discord live chat room! <3
PS4 Debug PKG Installation with FSELF Retail Port by M0rph3us1987.jpg



So the ps4 scene if there is... a jpeg photo that claiming that there is jb and of course many ppl have it but noone release it and we have to believe it and prey to GOD for someone to release it or we can just dl the photo, open it with ps4 and believe that we have a jb ps4!

Or we can do something more simple, just write on your ps4 with big letter JB and voila its ready!!!


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I dont think these guys will release them anytime soon.. They helping sony by telling us not to worry about updating to the newer firmware where maybe the exploit that will be release is lower than 4.xx so guys i think dont get your hopes up that exploit for the new firmware will be release.


no i dont think so. their excuses for not releasing anything than the old 1.76 is because sony will patch the exploit. but if these ideas keep up the best time to release a cfw will be when sony shift focus from ps4 to ps5. and at that time very few will be interested.

really now the ps4 bd drive have a pcb in that pcb is the unique per console key and the firmware that opeperates the comunications between the disk and the console. my ideas? a public way to extract that key, a creation of a cfw that will mimic the ofw of the bd drive, and flashed to an ode.

if the cfw really mimic the ofw of the bd drive it will be difficult to render it useless from a main update, and even if that hapens it will simply require better optimization which is easier from finding a new exploit.

really now the scene want a ps4 that can run backups, the linux thing running emulators is pc stuff. and we already have that.

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